3 Types of Women’s Country Boots

All cowgirl has a special relationship with the Texans. The country women’s boots are essential in any country woman costumes. So split up here, the Texan female models who all must have cowgirl in your shoe rack.

Tempting as it is the Act of buying several country boots, only some models are, in fact, really essential. These templates are those that can be combined on several occasions, without suffering or lack of choice.

Depending on the type of event that you will probably need at least a few pairs of boots for more formal venues. If you go to any wedding, prefer more classic boots but to bring the refined style to the piece. To everyday events, a pair of boots, mid-cut are the best choice.


Because it is super comfortable, we can adapt the boots to everyday looks. In addition to being easy to compose with several styles of clothes.

The boots the low handicaps, as they may shorten the silhouette. However, there are treasures tips that help these cowgirls to abuse of this template.

For the little ones who do not want to have the silhouette cut in two, the ideal is to choose a shoe of the same tone, forming a monochrome production.

If you are too hot, and the cowgirl still want to bet on the boots and let a breeze between their legs, and fold trouser bar, and leave a strip of skin on display. This is a hint to the country woman who loves being stylish and daring.

The boots are one of the most beautiful models. They are especially identified by the short barrel and average jump. Bring the production country charm, not to mention the fact that female is super for those practice days in the rain can come at any moment.

2-short-barreled Boots:

This model combines with almost everything. However, we have to be careful because it can cause printing to lengthen or shorten your legs.

They make the look even more modern cowgirl. Also combine with virtually all parts of our closet, like pants, shorts, dresses and skirts.

The most traditional of combinations is the boot crew socks with pants. Are productions that range from the most basic and casual style to the more stripped. The composition of short-barreled boots with leather leggings, a tight leather pants or even jeans destroyed are a great bet.

The short-barreled boots translate practicality and versatility in time to explore country productions. They are ready to be used on several occasions as rodeos and shows sertanejos. So, for the cowgirl who is looking for a new model of boot, the option is to bet on the snub.

This style of boot combined with dress and skirts bring more femininity to production and not leave loaded. The cowgirl who prefers a more stripped style the tip is betting on the traditional: shirt and jeans.

3-medium-to-long-barreled Boots:

Perfect for everyday and formal events, the model of these boots are essential in the wardrobe of the cowgirl.

The size of the jump and the nozzle model may vary, but one thing: these boots have the power to let any country look more stylish.

Very versatile and full of style, the words that best define the boots long barrel is: power and glamour. They combine with the most different styles and heights, including for the shorties. However, these women should be careful at the time of the choice of this type of boot. So, must opt for boots that contain high heels, as well lengthen the silhouette with greater ease.

Of the colored prints, models of medium-to-long pipe boots are diverse. They combine with many styles and win the heart of the cowgirls.

What’s your favorite female country boot model? Leave it in the comments.