4 Models of Heels for Women Without Usual Heels

Separate 4 models of heels for women without usual heels that are comfortable and will leave you beautiful! Not all women like high heels, many do not have the custom to use and don’t want to bet right away in a stiletto heel 15 cm. Beyond uncomfortable, this type of loop can cause falls, twisted foot and a lost party. So, check with us the perfect for you who’s not used to very high shoes!

4 models of heels for women without usual heels

Know what are the 4 models of heels for women without usual heels:

  • Shoe with thick heel with

The bulk of the jump more and support the Strip offers more security and comfort. In addition to the Strip to be fashionable, the thick heel is also trend and you will be comfortable and up to date with your look. This serves both footwear for everyday situations as for nocturnal productions that require more sophistication, just choose a template that suits your look.

  • Anabela

The star of many years, Annabelle never goes out of style. The jump in these models came with the width and length of the shoes, giving it more stability and security. With the diversity of the models that exist in today’s environment, this footwear can serve to any look, just know to choose the ideal model for every occasion.

  • Stiletto sandals and thin strips

They are not as comfortable as the thick heel sandals, but can also be classified as a good jump for those with no costume, because offer safety. The strips and stiletto sandals are elegant and combine with more sophisticated productions, however can also be adapted to more informal events. The trick is to use this model in the event that you do not have to spend that much time on foot.

  • Gladiator sandal thin heel

Great sensation last summer and will not come out of fashion anytime soon. In addition to stylish Gladiator sandals, your high-heeled version is pretty cool because it has take throughout your extension. Giving comfort despite the stiletto. s tall models should be used with shorter outfits, while up to the ankle can be used even with pants.

Tips to make the most comfortable heels

In addition to the 4 models of heels for women without usual heels, there are tips that can help you make the heels more comfortable:

  • Trodden correct

Walk correctly with jump consists of stepping first with the heel on the floor to avoid pain in the ball of the foot.

  • Position

If you have to stay very long standing, put one foot in front of another when it’s parade helps to better distribute the weight of the body, allowing the knees remain stretched.

  • Special insoles

To ride more comfortable you can use shoe inserts or silicone earpieces.

  • Lubricant for your feet

New shoes can be hard and hurt your feet. To avoid calluses and blisters rub some vaseline, or any greasy cream, feet or shoes.

  • Time to buy

The ideal time to buy the high-heeled shoes is the end of the day, after a normal day your feet tend to swell.