6 Pairs of Shoes Every Man Needs

Shoes, broad topic! Some juggle ten pairs while others are perpetually looking for the pair, that will change everything. What is in my view essential, it is to possess the strong parts of the men’s wardrobe. the timeless, the iconic, in leathers deemed both by their quality as their beauty.

It is important to have at least a nice pair of shoes, which gives a final touch to your look and set you apart from others. A well-chosen pair will sublimate your appearance!

  1. The Richelieu

It is without any doubt the most elegant model and the more dressed. We recognize thanks to its closed lacing, unlike derbies that consist of two pieces of leather-called “ears”-and who have open lacing. Richelieu and Derby are the two most important men’s wardrobe models. The Richelieu exists in different finishes: the traditional end flourished and the reported end not flowered. More recently I saw appear fashion of the componet – nubuck and leather or tweed and leather-I particularly like.

  1. The Derby

Usually consist of a smooth vamp (Editor’s note : the front of the shoe), they exist also with a reported piece blossomed as the Richelieu.

You should try a subject that fascinates me: the Cordovan. Specialty of the tanneries Horween in Chicago, is a horse leather characterized by a beautiful red-brown color very close to bordeaux. What’s great with this leather, it is that it is not wax, simply him shine. Lazy friends, this leather is for you!

3 Moccasins

The Queen of boating shoes, perfect for the summer period, a value. There are different models: the penny loafers (American moccasins), moccasins, loafers with tassels to bites (specialty of the House of Gucci), moccasins to pimples of gum – speciality of Tod’s or Fairmount homes – very convenient for driving because of their good adhesion.

  1. The Boots

Perfect for the season autumn/winter and for a long weekend in the country. These shoes will protect your feet from the cold and bad weather.

Important point: when buying a pair of boot prefer a rubber sole (instead of the traditional sole leather pie) this will avoid bad slides and will insulate your feet from the cold. For the matter, choose a durable leather, like a skin underseeded or a fat leather. The must in greasy leathers is the Elizabeth tannery in Alsace. Indestructible leather that will patina beautifully.

There are many models. Especially among our English friends who knew how to create throughout the centuries of essential parts such as the Chelsea, the Jodhpur and our dear brogue boots or boot derby flowery end coming back in full force! Side look, you can wear its boots with with gross jeans of a beautiful hem for a small cot London or pants pleated flannel for a more formal look. So smart! Our blow of heart: Coniston of Crockett & Jones

  1. Shoes With Buckles

Since their creation in 1945 by the famous English Bootmaker John Lobb (and Yes, even our British friends, what do you want it is the land of elegance!) they had disappeared “traffic.” But they come back in force! What a pleasure. The return is obvious in the spring-summer collections 2014 with proportions more contemporary. Different models are available with one or two loops, with or without end reported, ornate, even with crepe soles. This model has the advantage of having a good foot support and be practical to put on.

  1. The Slippers

Since they left the felted apartments of aristocrats and that they trample our cities bitumen, arguably they have the wind in its sails.

Next to the classical model (monochrome velvet with or without initials stem-Ed: the stem is the top of the shoe) appear a multitude of variations to the stem which develop currently: flannel tartan, studded, embroidered to coat of arms (very second degree), Tweed Harris, patent, leather smooth, head of bites, banner of the United Kingdom and so on. This diversity allows you to pass from one universe to another: for an outfit very chic a nice pair of Golden slippers will do or for a more rock look, a Scottish tartan flannel and in addition pair studded, is it you please.

# Bonus-Patina

There are two types of patinas. A natural patina and an artificial patina .

The natural patina is created over time, when we love to wear and his shoes shined in the rules of art (brushing, nourishing milk cream Polish, neutral).Here, you can actually say that our shoes will improve with time, and that they reveal their beauty. It’s the magic of the leather, which will reveal unsuspected facets year after year.

We can play with the natural patina when waxing by applying some contrasting color polishes with the color of the leather. To get to create a slightly modified natural patina, on a pair of black shoes, for example, to the places to make a paste of the same color as your leather shoe, choose a Navy Blue paste, that give a subtle contrasts game according to the brightness.

The artificial patina is produced entirely by the hand of man through different dyes. The process takes place in 5 steps. 1-first, a cleaning to remove dust or mud shoes. 2-Then, stripping the leather using solvents, in order to make its original color to the leather. 3-once the shoes have been pickled, the artisan applies the dyes and search the right shade chosen by the customer. 4-Feed the leather for him make its flexibility and protect it from the weather. 5-Finally, the final glaze that allows to get a shoe shining. The craftsman will transform a pair of ordinary shoe, in a beautiful piece of art.

Attention: opt for a patina of quality, at a recognized craftsman, if you do not want it to disappear as soon as the first icing.

And don’t forget gentlemen that elegance is made of balance and harmony.