Are You a Fan of The Platforms as Yasmin Sewell?

Much is heard saying lately that the platforms have its days numbered, but the truth is that shops do not resist to put on sale a shoe that gives the same height, being less stylish than some salons, and much more comfortable to have the more relaxed skin. Yasmin Sewell is an advocate to death of platforms and why not removed them in all these fashion weeks.

Yasmin Sewell model in silver is the platform of lifelong, as this pair in yellow with silver details of Topshop that costs 32 euros, this one in purple which can be yours for 72 euros or this other option of Asos a little more aggressive being of wood whose price is 48,52 euros.

But if you think of the total platform too, also found in stores low cost some models with platform and heel.. That is the case of the LOUD Hi Vamp model in black and silver which costs 76 euro, another Green satin for 85 euros or this other fully plated model of Topshop which costs 72 euro.