Best Basketball Shoes

24 seconds is little, but basketball, that’s a lot! This is the time to carry out an attack. But now it is also a brand of shoes, not just any, French! In the middle of the industry giants that are Nike, Adidas, Jordan or other Under Armor and Reebok, left the place to impose itself on the buzzer? 24 seconds basketball shoes will tell us. Close-up.

A shoe, a context

Basketball does very well in France, popular, there are currently more than 600,000 licensees. But it’s not just clubs that count, there are many players passionate about this sport, but who practice only on the playgrounds by fun Sundays. Therefore, in total some 2 million practitioners who share inflate it, nothing that it!

If the football is still the most publicized sport, basketball is too strong, galvanized by the results of a strong France team that the locker room is filled with great athletes dedicated to their country and that return good values. These same athletes are also present for some on the front of the stage, in the NBA or Euroleague. More young French are drafted each year, proving so the quality of our training centers, the phenomenon is growing, and it will not stop any time soon.

The unique business model of the star power

If the dynamic is so good, why is it not more OEM made in France? Today, while basketball is one of the most popular sports in France, and the basketball community continues to grow, the hexagon has still no manufacturer purely made in France…

Analysis of the land, we fall from the clouds in front of NIKE and ADIDAS supremacy. These huge companies have relocated their production in China and Viet Nam for a cost of returns estimated at… brace yourselves… 10 to €20 the pair of shoes! Some models will be then resold for more than €250 (Lebron James), a rather nice margin…

These margins will then reinvested in marketing and overused ads campaigns, have you see the proud superstars of the models dedicated to them. Players fans are so desperate to shoes of their idols, it’s a pattern that does not exclusively belong to basketball. Is there another alternative?

Think relocation

Think that it is impossible to make the shoes of sport in France, is to turn a blind eye. Is not this postulate that left 24 s, and with their hopeful steps, they found a partner in line with their values. His technical expertise combined with the knowledge of the basketball of the founders gave birth to a promising product…

It is a range that is born, the EUROSTEP collection. This includes models of shoes for low and high, and a line of apparel including jerseys, shorts, t-shirts, Tracksuits, bags, and accessories.

The promise: capable of holding a season here where models often fail some more expensive ranges…

The process of development of the EUROSTEP
The entire chain of production, from first designs to manufacturing, everything has been done in our beloved France. The leitmotiv of this shoe was: light and durable. The stem is made with a wick (technical fabric) for superior comfort and breathability. The inner liner assures comfort and good support at the level of the ankle.
Regarding the cushioning, essential criterion for a good sports shoe, it has been designed in two parts:
-the upper part in EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) for cushioning (absorption of waves of shock on the jumps and races).

-the outsole Pu (Polyurethane) with a design of inserts of different levels of depth for increased grip (change of direction, change of pace, etc.).

The challenge starts only

If the founders of the brand have placed the word pleasure at the centre of their project, however the word challenge revolves around. This challenge is technical on the one hand, but also financial. The technical challenge is currently crossed the upper hand and the brand is pleased, however, it remains another… Financing for the range. It is now supported by the basketball family 24 s hope to succeed.