Best Wedding Shoes to Wear

Pumps, flats or boots? Discover our selection of the latest trends in wedding shoes.

More that a simple accessories, the bride shoes will be the finishing touch to your outfit for the day J. Here are some tips to choose is safe.

How to choose his bride shoes?

The must is to cover his shoes of the same fabric as your wedding dress by a designer or a shoemaker, if leather is too thick. An alternative is to dye them, when they are in satin for example. Moreover, some specialists offer a choice of bride shoes specially designed to be covered by the fabric of your choice.

On the side of the High Street, you will find templates based on the trend of the moment and perhaps more easily reusable. Of course, the choice of colours-white or ecru-will be much larger in the hot season. To be in the shot, indulge in a gilded heel, a sole in fur or inlays of stones.

In General, stay very close to what you usually wear the heel of three or four centimeters more than enough. Otherwise, highest could be the fall!

Shoes, boots or shoes for my wedding shoes?

Essential, pumps give a lot of class to your outfit. The more sober version without lanyard with a heel quite big, very glamorous, fits all styles of dress.The prettiest ankles can embrace of a thin flange or even a sliver of a dancer.For absolute romanticism, choose a lanyard more substantial but decorated with hearts, so many circumstances!

Very popular and very chic, matching mules of a small heel are in all the windows. The advantage: you won’t not restrained! But minimal training is required if you do not want to live the same misadventure as Cinderella!

Much more flat but ideal with a filmy dress or tulle, ballerina, or “the babies” are also very trendy to act as bride shoes. Purists of the kind will go simply to provide as any dancer at Repetto, these models as well in flat version as heels.

Finally, why not adopt boots to heels? Ideal to highlight a dress with Ruffles or accentuate a Bohemian style.

A tip: regardless of your choice, buy your Bridal Shoes early enough to make your walk. No way to put them on for the first time on the wedding day if you do not want to end the night… barefoot. It would be a shame!