Biker Boots

Elegant and rock at the same time: Cove of Chanel quilted leather.

For about two years they are out of fashion no longer indispensable: biker. The bawdy shoes apply today as a classic – not only among motorcycle riders.

Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Elle McPherson: these ladies are not only all supermodels, but love also Cove. At least, they are sighted regularly in private life with the comfortable boots on the feet. And what so many stars consistently wear moves sooner or later in the shopping bags of the masses. A shopping stroll through New York or Nuremberg: One meets biker in any shoe store and on the legs of countless flanierender ladies.

Biker – Favorite Boots of Many Stars

However, what makes the flat, rough leather boots, that’s usually a belt in the ankle area, so desirable? For one, it provides convenience. The shoe is flat, cut, has a non-slip sole. On the other hand, it is the flexibility that makes it. You can combine the boots to tight black pants or blue jeans and wide upper part, or take a break in style with a delicate dress. The combination of the boots with motorcycle jacket is classic. Here we propose motorcycle jackets for combination:

Cool Leather Boots, Breach of Style to Clothes

Made of black leather with a subtle, side buckle is most klassischsten the bikers and is the easiest way to combine. The bikers particularly popular among celebrities from Jimmy Choo has become a classic. It is made of black leather, the shaft ends in the lower third of the calf, a buckle at ankle height and a smaller one on the side of the end of the stem are decorated with the shoe. A small oval metal plaque indicates the luxury label on the heel. The range is complemented by variations in grey leather, rabbit fur lining, rivet trim or suede. The boat looks in its most classic design especially suitable for leather Leggings or issued mini-dresses.

Rock Cove by Burberry

The British label Burberry also offers various bikers simpler models, offers however also variants with multiple zippers which make the shoe more punk, to finer clothes make him less well combined. To the kilt or -Yes – mini dress with Burberry Plaid they fit well.

As with all leather goods also applies to the bikers the rule: with black leather, you do nothing wrong. Biker from grey suede, for example by Jimmy Choo, or dark red leather, for example Santonini are rather to be recommended as a second pair.

Elegant Cove by Chanel

That leaves by head Designer Karl Lagerfeld already since some years more and more rock-based expectant label Chanel’s not take to run when the bikers trend. The French luxury brand but interpreted the boots in his own way, which means that the part is more “sophisticated” and brings at least a touch of classic and elegance. The biker of the current winter collection from Chanel exhibit is homage to the legendary 2.55 handbag – shaft in this sense quilted leather -. A model also has inserts made of grey felt, what the shoe but demoted to the pure winter boots. A plain, black bikers made of leather, however, has the potential to join us – as a breach of style floral dresses and tanned legs until the beginning of the summer.