Birkenstock Spring Summer

The summer collection Birkenstock offers the convenience of always with a touch of glam more.

The German brand Birkenstock with its two and a half centuries of history, each year brings about many new market that follow the latest trends with care and creativity.
The Birkenstock shoes are well known to anyone for their comfort and convenience. The accurate and craftsmanship is synonymous with quality, thanks to the materials chosen for the creation of all models, such as the natural and soft, cork, latex and jute used for the construction of orthotics.

A p / e 2014 colorful collection

The spring-summer collection 2014 Birkenstock is characterized by lively and vibrant color just remember that the summer season is the protagonist also at our feet.
Besides the canonical colors such as white, black, habana, blue and chocolate, you play with bright colors such as hot pink, apple green, turquoise, red coral, cerise, orange and yellow.

Birkenstock dancers

The Birkenstock spring / summer collection 2014 limited edition has as its protagonists the comfortable and romantic ballerinas , female and lively footwear for women who want to feel comfortable at any time of the day, in your spare time or at work. They are really versatile and match shoes with ease to every style thanks to the basic shades such as green, orange, black and colored habana.

The Birkenstock classic line

The new course is combined with the “classical and historical lines” Birkenstock as the model features an ultra comfortable insole and decorative elements – straps and buckles-supporting up to a foot by stimulating the correct movement.
Always the classic line,  the Birkenstock flip flops, footwear practices that adapt to any style thanks to the immense variety of colors offered. In the spring / summer collection 2014 can not miss the sandals with two and three straps from, the most beloved of classic Birkenstock, beautiful and comfortable to wear in his spare time as a particular occasion, thanks to the versatility of nuance proposals in gold and silver or painted black with gold details.

Linea “glam” Birkenstock

Decidedly glam is the line premium represented by elegant models and ultra feminine, with unsual design ‘most extravagant leather, with special details and elaborate but still comfortable and practical to wear.
Definitely appealing is also the Essential line by feminine and delicate colors with its lightweight models and ultra comfortable, and the Vogue line features in a woven leather detailing, Swarovski and wildlife motifs, they are part of Birkenstock collection, for a more polished shoes and the more casual chic style. cheeky and lively Birkenstock shoes are the Premium line made ​​of jeans camouflage pattern proposed in fashion colors like navy, black and beige.

The Superbirky

Read, functional and suitable for leisure and out of the house and for those who spend long hours standing, the Superbirky in ALPRO® foam are proposed in this Birkenstock collection 2014 in solid colors or the lively floral pattern.