Black Leather Shoes

Black leather shoes…

A story!

Essential for some, bad taste for others.

One thing is for sure, when you look at the feet of the people you meet on the street, they are largely majority!

Yet they are the subject of a bitter debate.

If you are looking for on the internet you will find almost everything and its opposite on the color (who is, technically, not a )).

Try a quick survey of your entourage: the still the subject divides.

So essential or avoid?

Here is my modest contribution to the topic…

For the impatient: the surprise is located at the bottom of the article

Black Leather: A Formal Color That Does Not Forgive

“No. Brown in town.”

This quote sums up one of the most famous rules on wearing the shoes…

We could also talk about:

  • “No. brown after six (or 5 or 7, according to the sources).
  • No cover before 6 pm
  • etc.

If you are interested in the subject I invite you to read the rules of shoes at Parisian Gentleman article. It’s not the topic here and…

Rules are made to be broken !

But above all:

These rules seem completely outdated for very many years.

I believe black is (almost) as versatile as the Brown but it has two big disadvantages:

  • on materials ‘cheap’ he does not forgive and will not age.
  • believed class and goes everywhere which makes that it is associated with everything and anything.

Let’s look first at the first point.

Black is a formal color that will be perfectly suited for certain occasions and very codified work environments.
Note: I invite you to read this article (in English) on the dress code on Wall Street investment bankers. You will see how some sectors are restrictive

But, do not do anything.

With that color the leather quality is even more important

If it is of poor quality it going cheap, without a soul, without depth.

It’s a shame, because as I said above, it’s a formal color.

From a point of view purely sartorial, she would be even to book for special occasions

But rules are made for…

You may have the opposite effect with bad quality black leather.

In the long term you should know that is also a color that risk of very bad age if it is not associated with quality leather.

The color “go” and you will find yourself with a black “greyish” that will be all just awful.

All the scratches, micro cracks etc. are going to be very showy and your shoes will more resemble very much.

This applies, of course, on the leathers of other colors but it is even more true for black

If you like / need, black leather shoes do not hesitate. But be particularly vigilant about the quality of the leather used.
Note: If you have any doubts please (re) read the article How to recognize quality leather  ?

For example, a calf leather full flower of the tannery of the Puy would be a very good thing.

You start to see come surprise, no?

A bit of patience…

Let’s move on to the second point.

Black Leather: a Material To Not Associate Any How

It is, in my view, the second big drawback of this material.

Watching her in the countryside (in black and white usually) brands or on TV a principle-baseless-came in some minds:

Black leather shoes are synonymous of elegance and especially go with everything

So I agree-under certain conditions – with the first part of this sentence.

As I’m not at all agree with the second:

Black leather shoes don’t go with everything!

Unfortunately this idea is rooted deep (more than one that is thinking that velvet leather / nubuck are very fragile and difficult to maintain )).

At the bend of a forum, I found an illustration that gives some leads on associations pants / shoes that may be useful:

I’ll say it again: black leather shoes are formal.

For me, they should not be worn with casual / casual.

For example: a raw denim with a pair of black richelieu is not a good idea.

But there are exceptions.

The models whose patronage is less classic example. Our black richelieu, with their contrasting rubber sole, not to integrate not in a formal outfit.

Not so easy to associate that black shoes, huh?

You can see it is not necessarily the color which is in question but the way some use it.

After you can not deny that black leather is a little sad / austere.

It will put less life in your outfit than Brown, Burgundy, olive green leather shoes, etc.
Note: you can break this aspect of black leather playing on its texture as with our Black grained leather chukka.

But I’m not here to give you style tips (I have also 2 pairs of black shoes so…)

I wish simply to understand that:

  • NO black leather does not go with everything
  • NOT the black leather is not necessarily class / chic / stylish
  • For me, these shoes arenot essential in a wardrobe or totally avoid.
  • Everything will depend on the content of your Cabinet.
  • Keep in mind that they are moredifficult to grasp than what you may think.
  • If you were planning on taking a position determined in response to the question posed in title isn’t it.
  • But reading the article you understand that it is not so simple!

Maintenance, it, is absolutely essential!

Yes it is essential for all leathers.

But the even more!

For example, leather boots fat, with of many perforations (end flowers, etc.), have, of course, a more casual look.

So they will less suffer from be not perfectly polished.

This can even participate in the charm of the model.
Note: I don’t say you no more do not maintain them at all. It is simply that a wrongly neglected air can enhance the style / character of some shoes.

On the other hand, with a pair of richelieu to chest and black leather stretch, can’t afford that kind of thing.

On the contrary, in addition to having perfectly polished, you can consider of achieve a glaze.

Black leather shoes must be absolutely spotless at all times.

Every day I meet people with horrors to feet:

  • I don’t like the form
  • sponsorship is strange
  • etc.

But it takes all kinds to make a world so I have nothing to say on it.

In contrast, if I speak ‘horror’ is that these people do not take the time to get chip / shine their shoes.

It’s something I don’t understand.


Because it is simply not possible to put in a suit, a shirt, a tie, good hair / shave and eventually put a pair of badly shined shoes…

I’m not going to beat around the Bush: that’s like nothing.

I know well that shine his shoes is not necessarily pleasant for everyone.

But you don’t need to spend your weekend so that they are clean and come to integrate properly in your outfit.

To summarize, in the case of leather shoes black must:

  • pay attention to the quality of the leather
  • do not wear them with anything, thinking that they go with everything
  • maintain them regularly to keep them spotless

Let’s move on to the long awaited surprise

All of our shoes are now available in black leather (without cost)

You notice, Jacques & Demeter, we offer little black leather shoes.


Just because that I wear very little!

I know it’s selfish.

But we always preferred this approach, which is to make shoes that we like rather than try to stick to any particular mode.

However you are more likely to ask us by mail, phone or during your visit in our showroom, if we offer such or such model in black.

Rather than make a selection of certain models, and offer them in black leather, we have decided to give you the opportunity to choose among all our models.

And this black leather it comes from where?

We chose a calf leather full grain from the tannery of the Puy.

And Yes!

Why breaking the head to look elsewhere when you have on hand, a black high quality leather?

For those who want more details:

  • It’s a slightly satin black calf (not as matte as a fat leather but not shiny like a box)
  • It has a nice roundness
  • a very good hand
  • He speaks (creaming and waxing) very well
  • This is also valid for icing
In practice it works how?

It’s very simple!

At first we don’t offer this to the order because we cannot make the stock on all models.


  • you go to our e-shop
  • you choose the model that you like and when choosing the size you select “to order”.
  • you finalize your order

Then, when we will send you an email, to find out the size you want to receive, you have to specify: I want that my shoes are made with black leather.

As with all models in the command, it will wait 6/8 weeks to receive your shoes.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me: I will answer you with pleasure (and rapidly growing)

What do you think? What model (s) of our catalog is (are) for you, the most suitable (s) to the black leather?