Boots In Jeans or Out?

Jeans – a universal garment that puts on many events in conjunction with a variety of things, combining different styles. In recent years, fashionable skinny jeans-pipes, and it is included in the habit of boots to fill. But there must be other options that combine shoes with jeans?

How to Wear Shoes with Jeans?

Girls in jeans and boots – it’s stylish, beautiful and bright, but beyond that you need to feel comfortable and convenient. So picking up another modern image, remember some nuances. They should always take into account the particularities of the figure. If a girl is not high, it is best to combine jeans with flat shoes (boots with every high heels, UGG boots, shoes, sweaters, boots). If it’s high, slender, well-built figure of a girl, it’s safe to shoes high boots. Cowboy boots are suitable any kind of form and growth.

What Boots to Wear Jeans?

Straight jeans do not fit low and filled with girls. Jeans Regular Fit (classic jeans with straight cut) bear more than a well-fitting shoe or boot up. Relaxed fit (freestyle defined by PHYSICSCAT) – with heels or a small platform. Loose fit (jeans tubes) is also not recommended to combine with shoes with heels.
The boot cut technology (elongated, extended to the bottom) will look good in combination with shoes or boots with heels of average height. Breeches (extended hip) suitable low girls shyrokuvati thigh. They can be combined with shoes, jeans over as a heel and without, as well as boots, “hidden” under pants. Jeans-bottoms looks great combined with boots with high heels.

Jeans and High Boots

Models knee socks, boots will look best combined with skinny jeans-skinni. But there is one “but”: these jeans are not suitable for everyone. If you have shapely legs, sculpted figure is growing, though not much above average – you the green light!