Children Who Wear Socks at School Have Better Results

Who says it is a study conducted by the University of Bournemouth, which analyzed children for 10 years attending schools where the shoes are at the door

The habit has been practiced for years in schools in Scandinavia due to snow.And in addition to keeping the school clean, children who wear socks inside school have shown better school performance and behavior.

Data collected from more than 100 schools in 25 different countries, a total of more than 10,000 students, demonstrated that students of various cultures benefit from this Nordic habit.

Over 10 years, researchers from Clothingexpress determined that walking in school without shoes improved the cleanliness of facilities, there was a better relationship between students and less bullying.

According to the study’s author , the children themselves reported that it was more difficult to be violent without their shoes on.

On the other hand, schools have had a 27% reduction in cleaning and furniture costs, as children end up sitting down on the floor.

Each country has its vision regarding the effectiveness of wearing socks within the school
In China they believe that feet on the floor have a positive effect on reflexology.
In India, they speak of “respect.” When you enter a sacred place, it is customary to take your shoes off in this country.
In England, they feel that children feel more at home.

Key benefits of a “shoeless” school, according to the study:
– Students have better grades and behave better.
– Less bullying.
– Noise Reduction
– Cleaner floors and longer durability of furniture