Choosing The Right Shoes

Fashion and health do not always mix. Here are tips from the pros to find out what shoes to choose for fashion but not a victim:

-Spartan Clamps with 10 cm heels: Flanges block the flow of blood. In addition, over time, we risk pain in the calves and spine because the foot is always forward flexion. A wear an evening any more.

-The plateau shoes with 12cm heels: The plate gives the impression of less feel the heel height. Beware, it also prevents many feel the ground and you may lose balance easily. In addition, overloading the forefoot because of corns, calluses and even onions. Wear seat preferably at a dinner for example.

-The military fashion boots: With their heel 3 cm wide and before their leaves wiggle your toes, were the most comfortable shoes, ideal for shopping, walking in the rain… Aesthetics, you be the judge .

-The ballet flat: They are often comfortable, but too flat, too soft. If you have to choose shoes with heels and ballet flats, ballerinas prefer.

-The varnish shoes: The patent leather is not very flexible, so it may cause us sore feet. Prior to buy, make sure the sole is not rigid and wear patent leather shoes only occasionally.

-Pointed Shoes: They are tight and hurt the front toes. Avoid this, especially if you have big feet.

-The platform shoes: The sole and heel are one single block which hinders the natural movement of the foot when walking. They are also less stable. Choose them with a not too high heels.

-The T-Bar and derbies: With a square heel 4 to 5 cm and a flange that keeps the shoe in place, it is the best compromise between fashion and comfort