Collection of Wedding Shoes Lodi

And reaches the age of Weddings. The dress is the most important day, but shoes also play an important role. First of all, that day seeks a shoe wide fit how so the bride can endure until the end. This is difficult, but it tries to.

Lodi He has thrown for this Spring-summer 2010 a special collection with elegant and stylish designs. Models for all tastes: for traditional brides, modern brides, formal brides, chic brides, minimalist brides, hippie girlfriends, girlfriends rock, retro brides…

Every bride has her own style. A unique personality that is reflected in their shoes. In this collection we see all kinds, with a very eclectic character designs: Victorian style boots, peep-toes with maxi heels and ties to the purest 80´s, inspiration rooms vintage or sandals with minimalist straps for the more cosmopolitan.

Your shoes are part of the “yes I want to”. Intense way you show your love to the world in a day in which you will want to feel comfortable, without losing a shred of glamour. There are models like this to round with less heel and classic design.

Lodi has carefully worked the lasts and heels and has studied in detail each part, each design… so you can spend all day on them.

It’s avant-garde designs that also then you can use in your everyday life. And but look at the precious spoils of Victorian style. To my love.

And for those brides who do not get married in white but want to look elegant and eye-catching shoe, is the option of this peep toe Golden heels and inner shelf, with Rhinestone detail. Divine, also, to any guest.