Colorful Bridal Shoes Collection

Today, it is becoming more and more common to wear colorful bridal shoes because women are more and more modern and funky, avoiding the traditional style of dresses and white shoes.

Incidentally, today it is also increasingly common for bets to bet on models of colorful dresses or at least with colorful details, colored nails and also in unconventional models.

But once again talking about shoes at weddinginfashion, brides who do not want to bet on traditional ones, can bet without fear of making mistakes, in models of colors in the most varied strong colors like blue, Pink, pink, red, yellow among others, as well as neon tones they are super high, still the neutral and pastel tones that bring soft colors and very elegant and delicate, and of course the metallic tones, gold, silver, with glitter, rhinestones and pebbles, sequins, embroideries and appliques, among others.

But it is important to know how to wear this colorful shoe, because once it gets quite prominent, you need to give a different measurement to that used with white shoes the length of the dress, leaving the shoes well in sight.

Closed or open, they can be in the most varied models, with heel thin or thicker, platform, half paw, a good tip that brings the advantage of more comfort, especially because on this day the bride have to stay for a long time in foot. Choose what suits you the most.