Comfortable Shoes That Do Not Will Sacrifice Your Style

There are many women who do not live without heels, that female piece, sexy and flattering, perhaps which we most love and love to others. But not all women wear high heels for your day to day and prefer to opt for the comfortable and functional. These women are in luck because the collections of our favorite brands invest more and more in search the desired shoe: comfortable, beautiful and chic!

If you’re one of those women who prefer to leave the high heels for days or you simply like to have all sorts of shoes under your belt, you’re in luck with the new collections. The of the picture above are from Lanvin, but we have all the price proposals, look what this spring will be.

The trend in flat shoe today is very wide: moccasins or loafers, which have become fashionable recently; oxford shoes or with laces, that they are still with us after a couple of years; the dancers of all fabrics and colors you can imagine and the slippers, these “ slippers ” homespun, who now have taken the street! These slippers are of Top Shop.

The oxford are now in all stores and the most innovative create half shoe oxford – half creeper. No scare with both term, the important thing is to see the model and stay with the idea. Also of Top Shop in a wonderful pink stick.

Others who are half-way between the creeper and the oxford are the shoes that we propose Urban Outfitters. Ideals!

Which can be made with a somewhat more exclusive piece to have the proposal of Jil Sander: shoes sticking in black leather with sole in Orange. Most!

We leave shoes sticking to one side to get into the world of the dancers. Dancers can find in any store and any type of fabric and colors. These, are of Top Shop a beautiful suede.

If betting more by classically have this option in black and bow, of Zara. The small heel is great so do not resent your heels.

If you’re already willing to delve into the world of bare shoes you will find wonderful Sandals to be able to look in a few months. These are of Zara and also have a little wedge that will make your back will not suffer so much after a long day.

Alternatively, discovered ideal shoe for spring: boots half – half sandal, leather Brown and ideal to combine with your liberty flower dresses. He edged in woven leather is beautiful! They are of Top Shop.