Damensneaker Trends Summer

The sneaker (in German: Schleicher), takes its name from its soft outsole. The shoes before the Snearker were made mostly with a hard leather sole, who had a loud kick, almost noiseless therefore just a Schleicher came the sneaker. In the 50s, when the then teen idol James Dean photograph it, began the triumphal March, also in Germany. Until he came along as a pure sport shoe, used mainly in clubs. Then through the conversion of youth to dress in exactly opposite directions than those of adults, the sneaker had been suitable for everyday use. A minimal maintenance effort, here it took no Polish, the sneaker was easy to clean, and because it was made mostly of synthetic fibers, the expensive leather goods accounted for.

Until the end of 70 years of the so-called came sneaker noble on the market, which at least verbally replaced the sport shoe. The sneaker design was designed by well-known fashion labels, such as Lacoste, diesel, adidas, to name only a few. Also the price was accordingly higher and had nothing with the beginning of “Cheap product” together.

Lacoste presented for spring/summer 2011 great sneaker in trendy colours, with plaid pattern. For the noble white outfit, which is always said, Lacoste presented the black sneakers with white laces, a great combination. With the obligatory emblems provided sweet white sneaker Nike, just timeless. The per­fect with slim cut available are from adidas a sneaker in honey low or an ankle high sneaker in black and white, adidas. Diesel also has a sneaker in Denimoptik, for the jeans rack a must. Integrated with a coin pocket, the logo sits on the.

The sneaker has long established itself in our Shoe cabinets. The trendy corporate again surprising their sneaker in getting new products on the market every year bring no wonder. Colors trendy, pattern always back unusual, and now also the sneaker with a wedge heel is there that can be worn with a little more noble outfit. Here is a summer dress, that is suitable for the party without a doubt. A fairly good overview of the current collections can be found E.g. in the Limango outlet.

The sneaker also the matching socks socks which finish exactly with the edge of the sneakers is to.