Definitive Guide with Tips and Hacks to Keep Suede Shoes

Keep suede shoes is a subject that scares a lot of people, usually by the inefficiency of some methods or the owner doesn’t know how to take care of the right footwear.

With that in mind, we have prepared this guide with tips and hacks for you to learn from time to keep suede shoes without fear and without headache..

Suede and nubuck materials are very similar, the difference is that it is made of nubuck outer part of the skin of animals, while the Suede is made the internalpart.

What you should keep in mind is that suede or Nubuck shoes hate water. They don’t get along with water at all.

Usually these shoes are expensive, and care has to be cautious not to damage them. Otherwise you spend a ton of money and loses the investment.

So, before you apply any of the hacks and tips here, be absolutely sure that the shoe is completely dry. Otherwise it may stain and/or damage.

The question is the correct way to conserve and avoid unnecessary damage too.

Starting with the traditional methods:

Specialized Products To Keep Suede Shoes

There are all kinds of possible products on the market, for all colors of shoes, both to save as to clean or return the texture of suede.

You can find it at stores that sell material for shoemakers, and hopefully in a few shoe shops.

Simply request products to keep suede shoes and sellers will show you what’s available on hyperrestaurant.

Are very easy to apply, some comes in spray, cream, others in other folder. If you do not come in spray, use a very soft bristle brush to apply the product.

You know that old cleaning brush it’s time to throw away? You can use it for that. Simply remove any remnant of her and chemical use.

Conditioner Or Hair Cream

An alternative way to keep suede shoes is with conditioner or hair treatment, they can remove stains, and let the soft shoe.

But before applying test on a small part of the shoe to see if it does not change the color.

To apply simply use a soft bristle brush and make circular movements until the stain go clearing.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is also a great ally to keep suede shoes.

To apply also if uses soft bristle brush or a clean cloth with circular movements.

“Ah, but vinegar smells bad” Indeed, but it evaporates and the smell goes away in a few minutes, don’t worry.


Yes, rubber also works to keep suede shoes!

Try to always use white rubber, for reasons of: you don’t want your shoes stay of another color.

After using the eraser, use a brush with fine bristles to remove dust that your shoe and rubber or a clean cloth to remove.

Nail File

Hacks To Keep Suede Shoes

Split up some cool hacks for you to start using it today!

Let The Waterproof Footwear (No Products)

As said before, the shoes have to be dry, and in that case you better be clean also.Pass completely the surface of the footwear. Recommend using white candle.

The footwear will be clearer because of paraffin, but don’t be alarmed that soon resolves itself. After going through all the footwear, start playing the heat shoes.

As the heat comes in contact with paraffin, footwear back to normal color. Let it cool and ready to use!

Important tips:

Try spending the candle at every corner possible to insulate better.

The more you have, the better is paraffin. But obviously won’t last forever.

Keep In The Ideal Format ALWAYS

A very important tip that no one thinks is: time to buy shoes. Our feet tend to swell during the day and evening.

In other words, a good time to buy is in the late afternoon or evening, that will get rid of the problem of the shoe stay off after.

If you buy it in the ideal format … There’s a hack important, which is actually a tool called: wooden mold.

After you use the shoe and puts it in this mold, it not only absorbs moisture as keeps your footwear perfect format.

And to keep suede shoes, nothing better to keep them away from moisture.

There are several models available, so you don’t need to buy the most expensive, a cheap ever will solve this issue.

Absolute Silence When Walking

When you walk your shoe makes noise, means that the internal parts of the shoe are touching. In this case you can use those baby TALC in your shoe, you’re going to end up with the noise.

In Short

Keep your suede shoes always dry.

Whenever you are not using let him with a wooden mold

Before making any kind of cleaning and pass any product, make sure that the shoes are completely dry.

To remove odors use baking soda, baby powder, lavender oil or specialized products.