Definitive Guide with Tips and Hacks to Save Leather Shoes

Hey everybody, right?

The leather really is a special material and is present in various parts of the male wardrobe.

By being special, requires special care. I’m sure you’ve already lost a shoe or a leather jacket by poor conservation.

Believe me, you’re not the only one! Everyone surely has lost any part. Whether by lack of patience to take care of right, or by lack of education.

With that in mind, we have created a guide with everything (or almost everything) you need to know to keep your straight leather shoe.

More a guide to rid you forever the headache.

This time will be about preserving leather shoes but did one of suede as well!

The first thing we have to understand is that there are several types of leather. So if the leather is of lower quality, it will wear out faster.

The second is that regardless of the type of leather, keep it away from water, as well as the suede leather has no can with water.

And finally, think of the leather as a living organism that needs to breathe and need to be hydrated (it seems very strange, but true).


So let’s our tips to avoid the headaches and for you to learn how to conserve leather shoes.

Frequency Of Use

As said before, the leather is more complicated to handle than the Suede, so use your shoe every other day.

The leather needs to breathe, and if you use straight ends with his life. And also never store it immediately after use.

If you save, the leather can languish or even rot. Besides, if you just use, will be dirty and needs cleaning.

If the shoe is soaked is good to let drying in the shade and fill, to suck all the moisture quickly.


As said before, the leather should be thought of as a living organism.

After a whole day sunning and collecting dust, you wouldn’t do evil to keep it moist and dirty huh?

To start cleaning up, take his shoelaces and use hard brushes of different sizes to achieve all possible corners of the footwear.

After removing all the dirt surface, wipe clean to remove small debris and the like, and go to the part of hydration.

Apply the moisturizer with the aid of a chamois or clean cloth, or an old shirt that you no longer use and pass by all the footwear.

Let stand for a few minutes, and go to the polishing step.

But first, some hacks if you do not want to spend money!

Hydration Hacks

If you don’t want to shell out some money with products, know that it is also possible to save leather shoes with natural oils.

You can use the inside of the banana peel, almond oil or olive oil.

In the case of the banana peel just pass her by the shoe.

For olive oil or almond oil, use a cotton flannel or a clean cloth that you have available. Or old shirt.

Polished To Preserve Leather Shoes

Polishing is the process more enjoyable, and when you see really the beauty of a leather shoe.

Just start this process if the shoe is really clean. Otherwise you will hide dirt and it’s not going to help anything.

For polishing is very simple, you can use a wax, a polishing cream or grease.

Just pass the product with the aid of a very smooth cloth or a thick large bristle brush. If your shoe has too many details, choose the brush.

Pass the product all over the shoe and let stand for a few minutes, then wipe across the shoe again to shine.

After All, How To Save And Conserve Leather Shoes?

o keep it’s good to use those wooden molds that I cited in the article on suede.Or sheets of paper.

Another option are tnt fabric bags, they are stuck and allow the leather to breathe.

If you save in a closed box, stick her enough for air to get in.

Important Tips To Remember

Treat the leather as a living organism that breathes and has to receive hydration to not die. (it’s bizarre but true)

Never use the leather shoe for two days in a row, the leather has to breathe.(living organism, remember)

Before passing any product, make sure that the shoe is completely clean.

Keep it in a place that he can breathe.

Save with a wooden mold or sheets of newspaper to absorb moisture.

Leather hates water.

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