Double Good: Hermès Versus Zara

Remember? Kathrin had already presented these ankle boots in the picture as a future top at Zara in July. Here goes to the article > > >. She was totally right in my eyes, and they were gone quickly too. From September they were available online again so I bought these cool kickers too. (We at Modepilot listen to each other! sometimes.)
Now, months later, they are still available in all sizes online (no idea why, because our recommendation could hardly have been more obvious) and I have already been able to test them in a heart and kidney. It is also noted that this glorious design does not simply fall back on the genius of the Zara design department. Kathrin had already explained the inspirations of Valentino and I stumbled upon the view of my showroom images on this picture from the Hermès showroom:
Oops, the ankle boots look almost the same. And that would be a new episode of “Doubly Good”.


Double good:Hermès versus Zara
Let’s go into the details:
The Hermès shoes are made of soft calf leather, made from Zara cow leather according to GAMETATE. At Hermès the heel has a slightly mirrored inside and is 10 cm high, the heel at Zara is layered and, above all, shorter, specifically 5 cm. The shank of the Zara model is slightly higher than that of Hermès. The coarse, silver zipper is visually more or less identical to the shoes. The biggest differences can be seen in the decorative seams: at Hermès, seams decorate the two sides of the shank, at the top the stitching runs along the elongation of the zipper and divides the tip visually into two halves. At Zara, the seams run across the span and round the heel around.
Let’s come to the inside and here, of course, clearly Hermès with a full-leather furnishing of the finest quality, while the interior at Zara consists of 100 percent polyurethane (except the insole made of goat leather). A real nuisance at Zara is the really cheap fabric reinforcement in the heel, which was torn from me after only one day by wearing the shoes quite normally, so that unsightly and pressing rolls of fabric have formed and where there is no more material, the look Releasing on the reinforcement of cardboard. It really saved the wrong end. Exactly this place in the shoe is particularly stressed and should be better equipped. But here the price difference is also shown:The Hermès model is at 990 euros, which is from Zara at 99 euros.
Good to know before buying
For all those who are now considering buying one of the two shoes is important to know:These shoes are cut insanely thin. People with a wide foot will not find their happiness here. But who, like me, has a very narrow foot, should not think long and strike. There is little suitable for our feet and these shoes are perfect.