FAQs on Shoe

1. My shoes or boots are leaky or defective. What should I do?
Find the receipt, and get the shoes/boots reversed in the store you bought them in.

2. Can I use the spikes to the shoes and boots?
It is possible to use the spikes to most of our shoes, but this is not recommended. The spikes can penetrate EVA midsole and limit the cushioning effect.

3. Must I use dry Cabinet for boots?
Shoes and boots can withstand drying in the drying Cabinet at low temperature, but it is recommended to dry them at room temperature. The drying process goes faster by putting paper towels in the footwear.

4. How do I maintain my shoes and boots?
Clean the leather with a soft brush or cloth in lukewarm water. Remove sand, stones and dirt also on the inside of the boot. Take the sole out. Dry the shoes or boots at room temperature. Use a leather cream, if there are genuine grain leather on the shoe or dust lens of leather. The footwear should be treated with water repellent impregnation spray.

5. Is shoe machine washable?
Some shoe, which can be machine washed, is equipped with a special detergent brand with care instructions. It is important to wash at low temperature to a maximum of 30 °c. Do not use fabric softener or dryer.