Fit You Dancers to Be Comfortable This Summer

If you are someone that you hate heels and prefer to go flat at all times, I recommend that you choose a dancers for any time of the day. And is that there are so many different models to choose from, you will not know with what stay.

Jaime Mascaro in its collection Pretty Ballerinas, He has designed models of all types. When you sign up to the fashion flowers, Choose this model with Liberty print of dozens of wild flowers drawn on a white background. A model specially designed for the mother’s day, which is accompanied by a bag of rose petals.

The naive spirit, color, sweetness, the quality of cotton and the floral print are the protagonists of this design decorated with a cutting-edge original in Fuchsia patent leather, a thin blue ribbon and Green edging.

PrettyBallerinas It has also decided to launch a special ecological collection, the Eco Collection, which, in addition to using traditional methods of manufacturing, prevents the use of materials and polluting substances. Some of the keys of this line are natural rubber, Cork, jute, bamboo, organic cotton, natural dyes and water-based adhesive.

And if you want to join the colorful fashion, choose any of these funny models.

If you prefer them with a little heel, I recommend any of these two models of Lodi. The classic black-toed print of snake or the pattern in pastel, which combines with any summer look.

Celebrities are also running to the fashion of the dancers as the case of Kate Moss, that for his navy style, opt for ones in Navy Blue.

Esyas dancers of color are the signature Flowers and vases, a new shop on line of ballerinas and sandals with a collection “inspired by all the good moments” that brings the Sun and the summer season. All models have small details that make them different.