Flatforms: for All Those Who Want to Walk on The Heights Are

Every time I am fan of the flat shoe. The comfort of this has finally I win, though sometimes I miss those cm more that it provide me heels. How raise the comfort of the first footwear and the height of the second? With the flatforms, a trend that whenever becomes more important. Now find a model of this type of shoe is not difficult, and the offer is so wide that it complicated will be opting for a single model.

From sandals, passing through espadrilles and ending with ugly shoes. Trends mingle and create eye-catching models, other more classic and other more original. But always raw material one thing: comfort above all.

  • Black’s ASOs, 39,33 EUR.
  • Multicolor with Esparto grass sole of One step further, 38 euros.
  • Black white and gold of Zara, 49,95 EUR.
  • Red patent leather with a white sole of Topshop, 46 euros.
  • With floral print of Bershka, 24.99 EUR.
  • Brown leather with black and white sole of Mango, 69.99 EUR.
  • Glitter’s ASOs, 49,16 EUR.

Photos | Amsterdam Fashion TV

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