Flip Flops

The look: toe separators, also called toe sandals, are considered as one of the sandalur shapes and were already executed in ancient Egypt. The most famous toe separators are flip-flops, the name refers to the sound that comes from walking.  In the nineties an athlete was able to protect the name and brought the poppy plastic mats under the label name”Flip Flops” into the fashion world according to Ethnicityology. Fashionable, rubber toe separators only belong to the beach or to the bathing establishment. If you do not want to do without the toe ridge, you should use leather toe seams, which are available as a classic closed sandal with straps or without heel, in the form of slippers. Whether with leather blossoms, rivets or embroidery-toe separators are a nice alternative to classic sandals and ensure plenty of foot-free.
Styling tips: Whether balconies, the Baltic Sea or the South Sea-toe triangles are the perfect companion for the high summer and every style. Whether ethnic look, seventies style or floral style-everything is allowed! Do not forget: Great nail polish colors such as coral, orange or strawberry red toe ticker! No-Go: Pop plastic toe separators are taboo! You do not have to do without popping colors-even colored leather models have their charm!