Full Moon Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear Collection

In a post about trends in Sandals for the season Spring-summer 2010, He had already shown them a preview of the Spanish firm proposals Full moon. It consisted in full of glitter sandals by precious stones, tiny mirrors, colored or metallic thread embroidery. Everything to make your feet in a real gem.

Now I bring you the entire collection to the full which includes more designs of this type, beautiful sandals, drab and ultrefemenino, and other proposals such as ballerinas and sandals. All in vibrant colors and details that make the collection Spring-summer moon a perfect choice to fit our feet.

The flat sandals they come in various designs. Since the typical with ankle strap which are merely of meter, others with Roman finger and even some with elaborate designs on the instep. The focal point definitely they are the details, whether through beads, embroidery, rhinestones or entangled designs.

All of them have ethnic flair unmistakable, but modernized by the inclusion of vivid colors such as red, Fuchsia, turquoise and green. Some include details fringes or designs of flowers and butterflies, to give a completely summery touch. This type of sandals are the perfect complement to enhance any set. With a simple cotton skirt or a pair of jeans you may look the touch of the season without much effort.

The dancers They include both those floral touches on the inner liner, which makes them comfortable and fresh, as in recorded details. The ties as detail and the tacks they are blended to give a modern touch, without going to the rocker, but clearing the cakes. Their colors are soft as beige, white, light blue and black. Basic and always ready to get out of any trouble.

The espadrille takes center stage in New Moon to give us a style of dress more. The grass on the bottom of cradle, mixed with cotton fabrics is a revival of the classic espadrille that we see every year. Particularly if you combined a floral print in the interior of the sandal with the same pattern to complete the wedge sole.

They come in various models. The classic brooch in the ankle and others or thongs or design with a cross at the instep forming a kind of knot. These are by far my favorite. They have them in Fuchsia and black, two colors that can be attached to any garment with ease. Mostly because the Esparto grass sole gives neutrality and softens the colour intensity.

However, those of mixed textures have the bonus of being super combined. The proposal of Denim and leather, floral prints and, even, striped sailor He is fixed in who takes this season without a doubt: prints of flowers, stripes and much denim. This is can one uniform of a single trend. Or risk and mix if you have a very good eye.

If you already knew this signature will not surprise them this collection looks like, and if not, it is a good opportunity to become a national footwear at super affordable prices.