Get Socks Automatically Home

To the mysterious loss of socks after washing you need must worry now no more. Thanks to is now regularly provided for new supplies.
The page is based on a simple but great principle. Everyday textiles are the customers at regular intervals as subscription to home delivered. The time aufreibende and less exciting shopping for textiles of for daily use is no longer necessary. with this concept thus offers a value added service for its customers.

About what the customer needs to do is to select the desired product on the home page. cares about everything else. Every three months a package with the textile supplies is delivered then. And the completely free shipping.
Men can have high-quality calf socks, knee socks, or sneaker socks from Italy through a single purchase order or as comfortable subscription to home deliver.
Those who opt for a subscription, can terminate at any time again this demand. Also it can be adapted again on request to meet the current needs.
Still is the range only of men who planned in the near future, however, is an extension of the offer. Then, also women’s tights should be available in addition to men’s socks, underwear, and T-Shirts for men.

The creative minds behind are Daniel Pahl and Jessica Stiles. They founded the company in early 2012 and emphasize as well in addition to quality and customer focus on sustainability and a fair production process. All offered collections are manufactured exclusively in Europe.
Both founders have longstanding and formative experiences in online marketing and can lead so the project with full force to the success.
Convenient service is interesting for all who want to sacrifice their leisure time for shopping, search, or sort of socks and stockings. has discovered an interesting market niche and fills it with good products and a fair customer service.

The page where the name is program (Vestire comes from Latin and means “to hold”) offers its discerning customers valuable time savings and quality. Two aspects that make shopping 2.0 with for an excellent and promising service.