Gianvito Rossi Cuissard Boots

They are the epitome of femininity and one of the trends of winter 2015. The cuissard boots have a soul bold and seductive, but know how to be elegant and chic: discover here the most glamorous models in season and how to wear them!

Bold and sensual, but also chic and elegant. By their design out of the box, the  cuissardrepresent in a complete female soul complexity.

A curious fact, in hindsight, because these boots are born as vestments battle first iron and then in thick leather, used by soldiers and especially by Musketeers of Louis XIII to protect your legs from “stockpiled” enemies. Or maybe not, as well as two other must-have of the female wardrobe as amphibians and bomber origins have “warriors”.

It is an unconscious way of representing the strength of women and their natural aptitude not to be satisfied and to “fight” to improve themselves and live life to the fullest?

Who knows, it is true that wearing one of the dell ‘models Winter 2015  the self confidence fly to the stars and the “struggle” of each day become much easier … and fashion!

The cuissard boots winter 2015

There are many, beautiful and for all tastes and budgets. The cuissard win the 2015 winter with a rich selection of models designed to please both those who prefer an elegant style and those who are not afraid to dare.

Classic and perfect for the day are those of A2ZGOV leather cow colored earthenware Block Heel (89,95 €) and  Stradivarius  flat with elastic (55.95 euro), the cuissard dark brown faux suede H & M (49,99 Euros) and the models Denise of Liu Jo, calf leather and stretch fabric with side zipper (305 euro), and Joanie of Michael Kors, characterized by a soft, comfortable fit and lug sole ($ 154.88 about 147 euro ).

For evening and special occasion, choose instead of cuissard high, such as in black suede heels with “twisted” by 115 cm of Le Silla (936 euro), the boots  Golden Hill of Saint Laurent Paris wedge golden jewel (1,400 Euros) and Tony of Jimmy Choo black and gray (1,250 euro), the burgundy model proposed by Gianvito Rossi (1,295 euro) and the one with front lacing Top Croche of Louboutin (2,595 euro).

Equally elegant but much less expensive are the cuissard eleasticizzati New Look (59,99 €), the models  Noble  with platform of Faith (101,99 EUR) and Soula black leather Dune (219,99 EUR), the boots with tassel rear Deichmann (39.99 euro) and those in imitation suede Mango(69,99 €).

Finally, not to go unnoticed, guests can have high cuissard Paris lace, leather and embroidery Cornely designer Sergio Rossi (2,500 euro), those red suede heel and metal plateau decorated with reason #Greek of Versace (2,370 euro) and, in a much more affordable price range, the open toe synthetic suede Missguided (83,99 €), the modelKindred  periwinkle blue with metallic finish and high heel proposed by Asos (95.99 euro) and “boots musketeer “laced the Truffle Collection (70.99 €).

cuissard boots: instructions for use

The cuissard boots are the epitome of femininity and seduction, but with their strong design also inspire a certain awe in those who would like to wear them, for fear of seeming excessive or even vulgar.

As always, the difference is made ​​common sense. The “Musketeer from” boots are definitely a challenging accessory, but not as much as you think, combined with a minimal outfit, it values ​​and make it unique, creating a perfectly balanced and harmonious.

Wear them with a skirt  and shorts paired with a long sweater or a turtleneck for an informal style, metropolitan or a sheath dress or flared dress for a very chic effect. Definitely rock is instead the combo cuissard and skinny jeans.

If you’re planning a special evening, osateli a dress with soft lines, perhaps with inserts of lace and tulle to create a game I see I do not see and / or with a plunging neckline.

The important thing is that you remember that cuissard are the protagonists of your outfit, and consequently should not be “hidden” or “burdened” with leaders and overly flashy accessories by color, material, shape and size.