Glitter Party Shoes

Sequins and Rhinestones, shoes, trimmed of foil, spread, such wildfire (glitter), in the winter collections. Here our selection, definitely brilliant.

Derbies adorned with sequins, sprinkled glitter boots , court shoes faced lame leather… That is how our selection followed the stylistic brilliance coups. Pass in review.

  • Autumn-winter 2016-2017 glitter shoes

This season, the brands of shoes are stylistic sparks: babies with a glow silver at Jonak, chelsea boots with shiny at Eram reflections, sewn in gold at Sergio Rossi pumps, derbies Zebra mussels of lightning dazzling Minelli and moccasins bling, dotted with multicolored sequins, at Paul & Joe.

Other models, enriched also of informed details: buckles leather at Malone shoes, loop endiamantee at La Halle, zips in Stuart Weiztman and yokes lamés at Mellow Yellow.

  • With what to wear shoes glitter?

As opposed to the sequined dress, the inclination “too much” turned out, the glitter shoe bedecks, by touch, not necessarily dressed silhouette. Of ostentation, while retained, which combines easily with the monastic parts of the locker room: in the image of a raw denim of an a-line skirts, a small mesh or, quite simply, a white t-shirt round neck…

And if the holiday excuse the excesses of all kinds, better still avoid stylistic abuses: we forget the extremist combos like the mi-scintillant mi-lame suit and shoes and we put on the parts to neutral tones. To refrain from setting fire to the powder.

See our selection of 20 shoes glitter in the slideshow.