Gordana Dimitrijevic Shoes

When she leaves Sarajevo, Gordana Dimitrijevic can not imagine that it will become one of the shoes the most fashionable of Paris. Meeting with a virtuoso of the shoe, as engaging as talented.

What was your path to become a designer of shoes?

It just kinda happened. At the base, I did study economics in Sarajevo, because my mother wanted to have a “real” business. Me, I was sewing since I was a little girl, but I didn’t even not that work in fashion could be possible, that it was a real job. When I arrived in France in 1995, my communist country diplomas were worthless and had to repeat everything. And so, I’ve been thinking: -isthis what I really want to remake the economy? ” ” …” I wanted to be a stylist, but I had no money, I didn’t draw and I didn’t speak french. So I searched a school and it’s the Studio Berçot that I had the best feeling. The Director of the time had assured me that she would teach me everything.

Is that your love of shoes was born?
At the beginning, it was very difficult, especially during the courses of technical drawing. I didn’t draw other than with my rule. Then there was this student competition at school, where you had to create from scratch a shoe. But I had no money to pay for a workshop so I made a few tweaks all only. So I built a sandal, the easiest to achieve, and I sewed the strips I. A the end of the competition, I got an interview at a shoemaker in Italy… It is there that I thought I might have a talent for shoes.

I tried to learn production techniques. I went to Charles Jourdan, do an internship first, before being taken by CSD to novel, there where there is all manufacturing plants. It was a magical place, it was the best factory of France, with technicians who worked there for more than 40 years, a museum with all the most beautiful creations imaginable, a workshop in which I could draw, create my own shoes, learn how to do a heel…
When did you want to create your own brand?

Over time and years. As I was then working for brands like Mellow Yellow for example, to always respect the DNA of the brand. So, my creations were notalways because they were too “this” or “that” not enough… The accumulation of these small frustrations has been that I wanted to create my own brand.

Today, how do you juggle between CosmoParis, you are the art director, and your own brand?

Is really a gymnastics. I always do the collections of CosmoParis before mine, because the production schedule is longer, and I always give them also the majority of my ideas, telling me that I’ll get good news for my brand. CosmoParis, it’s like my family and I really want this brand work. And this is not the same thing: models are more commercial, the trends more digested while my models are more extravagant and also more complex to achieve. Are really two very different types of work.

What are your inspirations when you create your new collections?

I find them everywhere. At the moment, it’s a lot Instagram. I’m a fanatic ofInstagram. I spend my time to discover new craftsmen, painters, artists… I spend my time to take screenshots and I accumulate a lot of pictures in my phone. At times, I also have whims Pinterest but it’s rarer. The music of my country of origin also inspires me a lot. Is either extremely happy or very sadbut it always makes me think of my youth, in images that haunt me. It’s myside Slavic that emerges! (laughs)

For example, for this collection, I am part of the materials including the python, which is omnipresent and braided leather. But so general, the colors very vivid and graphic lines are recurring things in my collections. Is a “tic” that I keep to the time where I drew to the rule, because I didn’t do that(laughs). Today, it has become my signature.

What are your templates that your customers prefer?

Then the English and the Americans, are completely hysterical when they enter the store (located in the neighborhood of St. Germain of the meadows, in Paris, Editor’s note). Among the French, I managed to get a clientele of addicts who return to buy the same model when I take it out in a new color. I also have clients who come to tell me how much my shoes are comfortable and in reserve so five other pairs!

How made-you to create shoes also high that are comfortable?

Then I cheat a bit. Actually, they are high, but they have a small platform on the inside that allows finally to reduce the height to the one who carries. Then there is the camber which is very studied, so that she would not hurt feet. I really apply what I’ve learned at Charles Jourdan… and then I try them a lot too, which allows me to correct small defects. Once I found the right camber, I keep it for the following collections.
And heels, it’s important to you?
I struggle to draw flat shoes. When I draw my collections, my hand goes right in gestures large! There are a few echoes of very feminine in high heel. But it’s true that I’m starting to have fun also in the dish with sneakers, loafers… Is more fun! While the heels, it’s more the order of the glamour.

What is the pair of perfect shoes you want to create?

A pair of shoes that everyone would want to wear (laughs) ! More seriously, I don’t know yet… I already can cross of Paris in the neighborhood wearing my shoes, sometimes people on Instagram me tag when they bought a pair. It’s always nice.