Gucci Jerry Platforms

I’m addicted to shoes, I have to confess it and above all feel a strange addiction to everything that carries the Golden Gucci G: sunglasses, bags, wallets. Obviously I have to take care of my budget, but would end up spending the unimaginable in Add-ins. But I found something that I can not live without, at least that I’m believing my boyfriend because that will make me a gift at Christmas.

Of course, I’m not Sarah Jessica Parker, but as soon as the first time I saw the shoes model Gucci Jerry It was simply love. They are 10 cm in height, strap at the ankle and forties style platforms. Ideal shoes for this season, finished brilliant burnt red and a shoe that will make your legs look fabulous.

The only but, apart from 560 dollars that cost, is the tremendous list of expected demand for these fabulous platforms has caused. I’ll have to wait for Pamela Anderson and other company will stop using them so that my mortal hands can touch your precious skin.