Halbheels, Halb Bootie: the New It Shoe Is Called”Hootie”

What is that for one?

Admittedly, at first sight, he looks rather odd with his chunky block heel and the high-necked neckline covering a large portion of the back of his foot. For the unusual shoe hybrid, currently available at Céline and Acne Studio, for example, the online magazine WhoWhatWear has created the beautiful name”Hootie”-just because the shoe looks like a mixture of Heels and Pumps Ankle Boots(English: Bootie).  The trend potential of the slanted shoe is appreciated by British fashion colleagues as very high. Why? Because the fashion world for quite some time a soft spot for Ugly Shoes and grandma shoes Has. And because the Hootie looks stylish like a Pumps, however, thanks to the high-cut cut it is much more comfortable to wear(the rule of thumb is the more covered by the back of the foot, the more pleasant the wearer).

Halbheels, Halb Bootie the New It Shoe Is Called Hootie

How to style the Hootie?

The best way to keep the ankles free and the shoe gets the attention he deserves. The Hootie fits perfectly to jeans in 7/8 length with frayed hem, shortened breeches or midi skirts. Longer jeans simply change. And a particularly cool styling we can look at the blogger Luxy Williams: She wears her hooties with short net stockings.

And where is the trend shoe to buy?

The new It shoe is naturally available in the luxury variant of Céline, Sportmax or Acne Studio. If you do not want to spend more than 400 Euros for a pair of shoes, you can rely on the quite good alternatives we have discovered at Zara and Mango from anycountyprivateschools.