Heidi Klum Designs Pumps for Three – Year – Olds

That model hostess Heidi Klum loves dizzying high heels and also likes to design is no secret.  Now, however, Heidi is dedicated to a new target group with her high-heeled fetishism: three-year-old girls. The 41-year-old is designing their mini-fans under the small feet by three centimeters. Why? So that the”Truly Fashion Shoes”, according to the product description,”bring the models to the height of the model” and”follow their steps”. In addition, girls in the sequined sandal pumps are”a real eye-catcher at every party”. Ouch.
Little girls like to dress up. They love to browse the mother’s wardrobe and slip into much too big cocktail dresses and oversized (and too high) pumps, where they proudly shuffle through the apartment like Oskar. A pair of lacquer shoes with small heels for Christmas are joyfully received, in the summer there are colorful wooden slippers with clicker clack heel or alternatively transparent jelly shoes for bathing high in the course-you can so beautifully through the glitter rubber block heel.

High shoes are bigger, noisy and look chic-this is usually enough for a lifelong fascination of childbones. Barbie, Princess Lillifee, Monster High, and Consoles-not to forget the beautiful princes, who are perverse with glass pumps through world history-do their own thing. But deforming mini-pumps on behalf of a hypocritical and unhealthy model industry? That would spare three-year-old girls but then. They should be concerned with other things than with minimum size, abdominal circumference and catwalk training. For example, who now recalls all the cocktail dresses and pumps in Mami’s closet.