High Heels for Beginners – a User Manual

Are there tricks like I run safely on paragraphs? Is there a perfect height for beginners? To what body fit what paragraph?

Fashion has its faults. A great stumbling block, and in the truest sense of the word, is running on paragraphs. One of many problems with which men do not have to struggle. If some women act as if they were born with high heels, heels for others are an unpleasant invention of fashion, which makes them a big bow. 

Whether you love or hate paragraphs depends on body size, clothing style or even professional situation. Some readers will smile at this article, but many women will have the following tips and tricks new, or very helpful.

In order to avoid the disadvantages, such as painful feet first, heels are generally a strong symbol of femininity, they stretch the silhouette and also make beautiful legs. There are enough reasons for a bit of torment. However, in order that not every walk may be a trembling part, there are for all those the somewhat unskilled and more cautious are quite simple rules, which facilitate life on the heights.

For the question is not only how do I go elegant, safe and dive-free, but also, what height and shape fits me?  

The right course
When wearing high heels everything changes. The attitude, the gait and the feeling. It is not without reason that the models on the catwalk have a very special momentum. But this course must be translated less enthusiastically into our everyday life. But the movement should ultimately be a cradle. In order to be elegantly walking with heels, one must use the feminine hip swing skillfully. 

A bit of practice. Wear high heels initially only for short distances, to get used to the new feeling. Become an experienced team and feel comfortable on the paragraphs to be able to perform more confidently. 

The right height  
For the back lies the perfect heel height at a minimum of 3 cm. From 9 cm, the foot is too arched, which inevitably leads to equilibrium problems. The perfect height is 5 to 6 cm. All about 10 cm is world-class and for advanced. Start with little and then increase.

Stability is everything
You quickly notice, whether a shoe or paragraph is stable or unhappy. This does not inevitably have something to do with the form. Even fine heels can nevertheless give a sure feeling. So try on shoes and walk a few steps. The foot must not tremble when it occurs. If you have to bend the knees when you go too much, the shoes are not suitable: the gear seems louder instead of elegant. Like when a man in the movie tries to run on high heels. 
For the beginning, choose a slightly square-shaped heel and a sole shape, which gives the foot a pleasant arch. 

Choose the right heels for 
beginners:On cozy sneakers will only dispense to slip into flat ballerinas? Many do not know that extremely flat soles are not so healthy. They can lead to back problems more quickly than you think. Which of course does not mean that from now on every 8 cm high pumps should grab. Footwear and heel height often change times. 

Step by step, first select a paragraph of the highest 6 cm. 
Small trick: Plateau abutments are more stable than shaky spiked heels and give security. 

advanced:Some women have the skillful walking on high heels placed in the cradle. Ever since the first teenage years, you are strolling on high heels through life and succumbing to the mere thought of Christian Louboutin pumps. Then, of course, you can afford everything in sales. 
But be careful: do not strain the poor ankles more than necessary and change times.

But also lets the own figure and the physique close to the appropriate paragraphs?   

Rather rounded: High heels enhance the silhouette. The frequent wearing of heels also gives the leg muscles a nice shape without being aware of it. Great legs without sports?? just perfect! 

Rather small:  Comfortable pumps, best with plateau heel and a fine sole at the toe, or apron shoes with square paragraphs. 

Rather big: There is no reason to equip yourself with extra high high heels and torment. Pumps with fine, approx. 6 cm high heels, otherwise the giraffe effect occurs. 

Rather long-termed:In terms of sales can be drawn from the full, also plate shakes are allowed in the shoe cabinet. Combined with a skirt to just above the knees, the perfect proportion results without the appearance of a bend. Also to the narrow jeans very elegant.   

In general, you are perfectly styled with pumps, high heels & Co. in the office day or in the bar to skirt, tight or wide trousers and dresses any silhouette.

Practice makes perfect. Do not be unsettled by divas, models or Italians