High Heels: Not Sexy, but Painful

People talk badly about the hallux valgus. I can understand it, it is not pretty if you have a crooked big toe and a red bump at your feet.  It also hurts. In my case, this has meant that I have not worn high shoes for a year, which I felt as a terrible loss at short notice. But since I decided a few months ago to become unsexy, I can now say: Thank you, dear Hallux, thank you, that you have freed me from the daily task to go with squashed toes of my wedge and looking friendly.

My new attitude makes me feel better than I expected. If you decide as a vain fellow-fellow to boycott the ubiquitous commandment of sexyness, the next question is: Will I be the only woman to be from now on, who really does not look for anything? As far as my appearance without paragraphs is concerned, the encounter with a clever sexualtherapeutin helped me to a new perspective. She told me that a woman, in her opinion, was particularly feminine and attractive when her body was relaxed. She is right, visibly tense women I do not like to be around me. Unfortunately, the body has high heels but not the little bit of a chance to relax. The calves of the calves, the buttocks, the pelvic floor, the back, and the shoulders-all strictly and under tension(logical, so we’ll pull the stuff). And without heel: all loose, gentle gait, swinging hips, no fear of pulling a thigh fracture at the next step ahead of time. Sexy? Boh, no, we do not want that anymore. But in a casual way erotic-I’ll talk about it with me.

Women tend to argue that they would operate the whole painful styling spell for no one else but themselves. No matter whether we stuff our delicate connective tissue in tube jewels or shapewear, we have a foam armor with metal straps around our breasts or even an eight centimeter heel between our heels and the ground-we find it beautiful, we feel good in it, does not force us, what should be? That is why there are so many women who, when they come home after a long day of work, first fling their boots from their feet and pocket into the corner, then slip into a pair of steep belt straps with a sigh of relief. I also believe that high-heeled shoes give their manufacturers and interested male passers-by untroubled pleasure. I’m sorry.

In the meantime I have the size, even without paragraphs, that I have only worn high heels for 30 years, because I found my legs not optimal and only on high shoes tolerable. Now my shoes are flat, my legs suboptimal, and I find everything super. Last summer I chose an ankle-toned dress with graphic pattern and flat silver sandals to my favorite outfit. When I was in the neighborhood, I felt like an Egyptian princess every time-a remarkably beautiful experience for a professional mother who needs to get something for dinner and a pack of small pots. I want more of that. More long, slim dresses and soft pants and colorful colors and great flat boots and more of the feeling of being beautiful, even without bruises. I’ll have to invest. Sexy would remain cheap.