High Heels or Sneakers – Which Shoes Fit to Which Outfit

High heels conjure sexy legs – sneakers are incredibly comfortable. And here, the differences are still far away. The footwear can also change the statement of the whole outfit.High-heeled shoes make it easy to combine a combination with a more casual look, while you can quickly create a casual and sporty style with sneakers.

Depending on the situation, flat shoes or high heels are more appropriate and those who do not have to pay attention to this may have a faux pas.So where is there actually the agony of choice and when it must simply be high hoes or flat soles?And what should be considered in the selection of shoes for the leisure and business look?

Casual – Everything can, nothing needs

Jeans with high heels, sneakers for mini-skirt or summer dress – there are no rules when it comes to the height and type of shoes. So that the look is really stylish and does not go completely wrong, too great extremes should be avoided.

Heaps of jogging pants or other, very wide petticoats, in combination with a sweatshirt, hooded pullies or similar, simply look out of place.Here, there must be sneakers to create a harmonious look.

Chic black high heels to Chino and tank top, however, make the casual outfit a fashionable-relaxed look. With sneakers, this is sportier, but still works. The same applies to mini-skirts and dresses that are relatively tight. Sneakers create an interesting mix of chic and sporty, high heels make an evening wearable wardrobe.According to opelikafashion, and also many shorts, as short as possible, can be combined with sneakers as well as high heels.Longer or very wide-spread shorts are not so good with high hoes.

As a rule of thumb, the following applies:The further the outfit is cut, the flatter the paragraphs should be. In stone, however, this rule is just as little as free from exceptions. Ultimately, the individual outfit, the shoes and the taste of each one decide. In any case, it is worth to try something new .Perhaps the skirt with floral print by sneakers gets a surprisingly fresh freshness and the airy pants are highlighted with high heels.

Business – with sneakers in the office?

That too high heels and worn out sneakers in the office are out of place is now really not new.However, this does not mean that noble sneakers and discreet high heels would have to stay away as well.Except very strict and formal jobs.

The more creatively the work environment, the more courage you can prove and the more freedom you have in choosing clothes and shoes. On striking glitter and crazy patterns you should nevertheless – at least in most offices – do without. If this is adhered to, it can be synonymous times trendy yet noble gym shoes or high heels to the pants suit . Because both the flat and the high soles can provide new momentum.For skirts, however, caution is advised.Sneakers look fast to sporty, high heels with too high heels too sexy.Both can destroy the otherwise serious business look.Special care is therefore required.

The first day in the new job: What is required?

The best way to fit the style of the shoes into the respective company is to set it up on the spot – because even if stylistic questions are now somewhat relaxed, many industries and companies have a kind of unspoken dress code. This should not be exaggerated, but also not underwear to loose. If you are new to a profession or a company, it is important to do something rather than too loose. Schick, however, does not mean the shoes with the highest heels that can be found in the shop, but rather simple, chic shoes with half-high heels and without eye-catching patterns, colors or embellishments.What ultimately is worn in the company can best be found in the first days by watching the shoes and clothing style of the colleagues.Are all looser dressed than I am on my first day?Then you can screw off your own clothing style.

Neither high heels nor sneakers: The flat alternative

If in the professional life sneakers are a real no-go, but you can not or do not want to wear high-heeled shoes, there are also many chic and noble-looking women’s shoes without heels. This does not mean the cheap ballerina shoes that look like they are already years after the second wear. But also from ballerinas there are high-quality processed shoes, which can be comfortably worn to a dark jeans or a simple and not too short skirt. Flat leather slippers can also be a good combination to a chic trousers suit and as a combination are not as light as the combination of pantspants and pumps.

The best footwear in all seasons

Even if in the office day, chic shoes are in demand, it must be adapted to the respective season. Even if pumps are very chic, they are often impractical in the winter with snow and rain and look dirty and therefore not elegant anymore.If you really need shoes or similar shoes in the office, it is advisable to keep a pair in the office.This way, you can walk around the workplace in cuddly warm shoes and still look chic at the office day.In addition, elegant leather boots can be a good alternative in the winter, either with a small heel or in a flat design.The boots should reach a maximum of the knee.

Evening dress – must it always be high hoes?

White Tie, Black Tie, Cocktail, Dark Suit – the right formal dress codes do not fit sneakers.High heels, which are higher than 6cm but usually not.For even the most elegant robe and the most stylish dress will attract attention to very – and in really formal contexts – especially negative.

It is different in parties and events, which leave a little freedom in the dress code. Here it can be quiet the short cocktail dress with freckled sneakers. Or an otherwise simple case dress with eye-catching high heel shoes at dizzying heights. Because these combinations create interesting contrasts.Only the colors should not be too extreme.A dress in pink and high heels in orange – that can almost only be in the eye.

The orientation here:With just one outstanding element, ie conspicuous dress or flash shoes, almost nothing can go wrong.If the footwear is held in bright color or has a pattern, the rest of the outfit should be at least discreet.And the same is true for colored or patterned clothing.However, there are also exceptions here, but they have to match the type and occasion.

With all the rules and hints, remember that there may and may be happy combinations that contradict this.As the old saying goes, tasting here is about studying.