High Heels – Tips for Elegant Fashion

High heels are still popular – not because they have just come into fashion, but because they have gone through many fashion phases.This is probably due to her unique character trait, the legs of the woman look narrower and the lady as a whole.They have become part of our culture and make women sexy and attractive.From today’s everyday life in the agencies and the evening events these shoes are easy to imagine and are manufactured by many different suppliers and brands.What is popular and attractive in the world of men is, however, some ladies, who are not accustomed to dealing with the high heels, to despair.Wrong shoes or the wrong course can make the evening in high heels a painful disaster.

Look for the perfect fit when buying

So you should make sure that the shoes sit perfectly and not pinching at the time of purchase.It is important that you do not reach the toe with the front toes.Since the weight of the lady when wearing a high heel is mostly on the forefoot, this should be particularly mobile and free.In addition, the heel should be made of sturdy, high-quality material, because such a broken heel quickly results in a skew of the gait and spoils the fun.Here, the seat goes before style and beauty.Do not buy a shoe that is nice but does not fit a hundred percent.

Prevent blisters and heal

If, despite the precautionary precautions when buying, bubbles come, there are invisible tape plasters that protect the skin from further friction.You should also pay attention to where you wear with the high heels.If, for example, you have a path that consists of cobbled pavement, you should prefer to use the car or use the high heels in your handbag to exchange comfortable shoes such as ballerinas .Shortly before the arrival, the couples are simply exchanged again and looks despite high heels fresh and lively.

The correct position protects the feet

Also, a certain posture is appropriate in the high heels.Anyone who has a straight posture instead of a round should better practice running in the high heels at home before the mirror.The first time after a night danced with high heels can end with pain and should be provided with a nourishing bath and a soothing massage , but with time you learn to walk all by yourself.

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