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So first I wondered how choose a pair of moccasin (it will be 1 year that I seek the pearl that I will keep for about ten years to come but still this little default = /) brief I have impression that it is a bit “underestimated” especially since it’s very practical: it can be worn with jeans or shorts in winter in summer. It’s really happening everywhere, upscale, while remaining sober in contrast to the sharp Who are (in my opinion) to an audience a little more mature and adult (FYI I’m 18). Brief small details would help me greatly =)

Deuxio (I feel I’m going to slug it), even if you must hate the repetition of these questions I still do not understand the world of colors = / yes I know it’s heavy + there already was an article”Stop taking your head with colors ” on the blog. In short what I specifically looking for is a little guide that shows just what color goes well with what.

Obviously I do not speak of sober color / Dark / pastel passing almost everywhere. But take for example a brightly colored polo style green / green apple: how well the showcase? Unless it is sentenced to be worn in summer …

Otherwise I appreciate the entire blog even though I regret to be in Marseille and do not have access to much material that YOU LA!

Was hoping to have as clear as possible I wish you a good luck!


Hello Fabian,

Your letter made me smile, because I myself asked on this story moccasins. This summer, I started some research, but I had to go to the obvious: a beautiful pair of moccasins, it is very ch *** t to find, for several reasons:

  • It must be the budget. Below 150 €, it will become very, very difficult to find something suitable
  • It is a pair of very specific shoe in his daily use and which is between a pair of shoes (for the presence, and the classical form) and flip flops Havainas (for relaxed mind wearing them barefoot) , short, a subtle elegance that fits in a controlled setting.
  • Therefore avoids loafers Tod’s . This is seen again and again, and it really is not what is most flattering to your feet. The combo Ralph Lauren polo + jeans + Diesel found softies loafers, no thank you, not for me.
  • Corollary of the previous point: a pair of moccasins must have the body , structure, line, holding the devil!
  • Concerning trademarks, we have to search on Yoox, and type in Italian brands unfamiliar( these also are nice ) or in large houses, evidence of the image with these Pierre Hardy.
  • these are not shoes as versatile as you think (hard to wear moccasins and a shirt the same time) . I find it rather too much to want to bring to your age to go to school when you can wear pretty sneakers. Why will complicate things when there are better, cheaper, and more suitable ? You have understood, finding the gem is not easy.
  • For advice, take summer colors (so no black or other very dark colors, and some raw material like suede for example. Again, the form must be elegant and have a minimum presence.)

To summarize, moccasins are beautiful pieces that are difficult to bear because it requires several conditions to be fully exploited  (age, social status, identity very advanced dress).

To answer you specifically, there is an alternative more “cool” and less rigid in its form that you should probably better in what you seek: the  boat shoes.

Here, a model of Lanvin SS 09′

More “raw” in its proportions, less fine, “relaxed” in their use, and above all, a tad easier to match(shirt + jeans or chinos rolled up enough).

Initially, the boat shoe is still supposed to look like this:

Clean, wick millimeter, rich … and a little annoying.

Fortunately, you can wear them more effectively (if one removes the cap that really “try hard”):

Right here. A little less “efficiently”. Version street, a little out of step with the display style that wavers between subtle and relaxed street student attitude ->

The. A rather successful version that reflects a personal style: slouchy hat, upturned cardigan, jeans fit well. A nice diversion.

Or push even more personalization, which here takes the parody-like. The boat shoes roses, large proportions of Chino, short shirt, but materials proper materials. And the bear mouth of one who quite also the account holder…

Ah, regarding your question about the right colors to wear … Yet this eternal fear of bad match different shades …

Your question deals more generally with bright colors. I’ll be frank with you: I hate the colors of polo shirts Vicomte Arthur and Ralph Lauren. That’s what I call really cheaps colors: no subtlety, and frankly infantilizing.

You can not be stylish, masculine or even casual polo with such a color. Especially since in the collective unconscious, they are very connoted “little bourgeois neo who buys his polo batch RL”. Note that I am not against the purple or red, but you have to pay the price to have worked really unique and colors. Still, the simplest advice I give to you, you probably already know: a bright color is always framed by gray or a derivative thereof. This is the easiest to do, unless you want to get into the overthink.

But again, why would complicate things when you can already do some great things, mature and pleasant with white, taupe, sand, gray and some reasons a palette of blue?

Think about what I just told you watching this picture and this jacket a very special blue.

Or here the contrast between the hair of the dummy, and its main room.

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