How To Buy Women’s Running Shoes


Wanted fitness shoes? We support you in your buying decision, and answer frequently asked questions about the topic.


Why do you need special fitness shoes?

Matching sports shoes support the foot perfectly during training. They ensure a secure grip, cushion the impact, protecting the joints. So you health conscious sports and support your body as possible, your shoes should be tailored to the particular sport. Fitness shoes have a sole and cushioning, which is well suited for both aerobic classes as well as for cardio or equipment training. They allow fast turns while dancing and giving a firm hold on the elliptical machine.

What should I consider when purchasing fitness shoes?

Fitness shoes should be made of breathable materials that also ensure that during intensive training for a pleasant foot climate. The lighter the shoe, the better the clothing comfort. It is important to revving sole allows for both flexibility and a secure grip. On forefoot mobility is required, at the heel of the shoe should have good damping. The outsole may not rub off, so she does not leave marks on the hall floor in the studio.


What fitness shoes suitable for Zumba?

Zumba is a popular fitness trend, the Latin dance with elements of strength and endurance training combined. Too hot rhythms quick Steps and rotary movements are required. In return, fitness shoes with thin soles revving and good cushioning in the heel are. Many manufacturers also have special training shoes for dancing in the range.


What are the benefits fitness shoes with Barefoot Feeling?

Some fitness shoes have very flexible soles that give a feeling similar to running barefoot. The foot feels through the sole, the surface of the ground and has thereby more work than in a heavily padded shoe. This creates a natural walking movement in which all important foot muscles are trained. At the same time the shoe protects the foot from injury.


Which is better: flat or ankle high models?

Most fitness shoes have a flat section. Thus they provide more freedom of movement and are more maneuverable. So-called mid-cut shapes, ranging to above the ankle, on the other hand support better and give the foot a particularly good grip. They protect, for example, before spraining while jumping or when turning. Mid-cut shoes come often when hip-hop dance for use.

Further information:

Brands: Adidas Performance, Nike, Reebok, Puma, H.I.S.

Colors: white, red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, black, gray, colorful.


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