How to Care for Leather Shoes

The longevity of a pair of leather shoes is highly dependent on the care for their maintenance and how it cleans. In this article you will learn how to clean and maintain your leather shoes to keep them long.

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How to maintain his leather shoes

There are not so many things to do to properly care for a pair of shoes. It’s one thing to knowhow to choose his shoes , but the result is simple: just clean them when they need them.

And is knowing what you want. There are leather shoes made for age, others not. There are leather shoes that pass mode, others will never be in the trend. We may want to change every two seasons as one can fantasize about the splendors of finished leather by fifteen years of use. Both attitudes are defending themselves. But we must be clear at the risk of ending up with a pair of shoes that will never give that for which they have not been thought out.

If you are in the first case and you consider your shoes as temporary associates, life will be simple for you: quality leather, the strength of the assembly have the right to remain indifferent about you. You can still have in mind to sell them one day more or less close, which means they do not get too lost in their market value in the meantime.

How to recognize beautiful leather shoes

  1. At the time of fitting, quietly fold the foot when the seller has his back turned, and look leather: if they form on its surface folds that resemble those of paper or cardboard that wrinkle, leave .Whatever the reason, the leather is dry or poor, these deep creases will mark very quickly, and if they fade once the shoes on shoe trees, they reappear as soon as you shall put away by.

Do not waste to much for a shoe brand, the leather wrinkles, and it is almost inevitable. Only there fold (normal, as shown below) and fold (anything that deviates).

Taking care of your shoes to avoid damaging the

  1. If the sole is leather, do not expect too much before doing protect by shoes , especially if it has an apparent seam.
  2. Find shoe trees. Do not bother to search for the exact size in Bexley or sand the wood with sandpaper, such refinement has no kind of sense in the case of shoes that you do not intend to keep.There BHV plastic travel shoe trees (yes, plastic) that effectively retendent leather and well enough;even if the raw wood has the advantage of absorbing perspiration, it is still quite rare sweating like a bull in a pair of shoes.
  3. Before wearing the first time, moisturize the leather shoes with a nourishing milk for sale at any honest shoemaker.We typically advise brands Sapphire and Grison.Leave it overnight and buff with a cloth.
  4. Avoid wearing your leather shoes two days in a row as far as possible, to let the leather and stitching rest.

How to maintain your leather shoes?

  1. For regular maintenance, keep it simple: dust off with a cloth , a little wet if they are really dirty;use milk, let sit a few minutes, scrub, brush or soft cloth;apply an infinitesimal amount of polish, spread and polish brush.

One thing to remember: the polish does not nourish the leather, it is a cosmetic . This is the milk that prevents the leather from drying out, so it is that he be favored. Another thing: buying real polish, Sapphire or Grison again; other brands often contain silicone which accentuates the bright, blocking the pores of the leather to make it smoother; but very quickly it makes it impervious to nourishing products, dry and ruined.

This is also the same principle to the real shoe polish beeswax, and if you just polish your shoes without feeding them, you will achieve the same result: a fragile leather like old parchment, which will end by crack. A year is enough. Too bad for resale.

Reason for the seventh and final point:

  1. Brush your shoes after every port. This removes dust and polish surplus that could block the pores.This is the case for only a minute, but it is a great service to them.

All the above is more than enough for regular maintenance of leather shoes. But there are also other materials, to treat differently; Moreover, some events (exposure to water, snow, salt, scratches) require further attention.

That’s it you know all about the maintenance and cleaning of leather shoes smooth . If you have a nice pair of suede leather shoes is that this article will read:  how to clean suede shoes .