How to Choose Dress Shoes

It is often said that the first thing women look in the keeping of a man are his shoes, so your best interest to learn how to choose them.

Buy a pair of shoes is far from an easy purchase. First, the shoes are part of the wardrobe which is expensive. Often the room of your most expensive outfit with a coat or suit.

To make the right choice, there are many criteria to consider: style, construction, color, or the quality.

Cities Shoes, two mistakes to avoid

In this article, I just want to warn you against two mistakes that men make very often:

  1. Do not invest enough money: within 150 €, it is absolutely impossible to find a good quality pair of shoes.However, it is quite easy for major brands, even below this price, to produce shoes that look great when they are new in the shop windows, but deteriorating quickly.

Sometimes after only a dozen ports, one can already view base curl, or leather form large very ugly folds. The result: you must buy a pair every year, and if you return always buy the same thing, this vicious cycle is perpetuated; putting in the pillory all your efforts to present a beautiful picture of you.

  1. Forget who you are, not reflecting on the port environment. A pair of shoes for many defines the overall style of the outfit. This is especially true with casual outfits, where the choice of a pair of sneakers or a pair of Richelieu, completely change the image conveyed by the look.

Be careful not to buy a nice pair of formal shoes too, that you may have difficulty wearing then.

Test of Italian-American footwear Paul Evans

On the occasion of this article, I tested the Paul Evans shoes, which are made in Italy. The brand was created in New York two years ago, with the aim of cutting the costs by distributing only via their website.

I was particularly more in the model “The Grant” I have also chosen, it is the presence of hidden seams. It gives a very modern side to the shoe. The kind of detail that changes, and rarely found in more traditional American Shoes in the same price range (around $ 350), as Meermin, Allen Edmonds or 1880 Loake.

The discrete perforations give a somewhat casual look to the shoe; more there and the shoe has a casual appearance. Traditionally, these holes were used to drain the water, so we found them on less formal shoes.

Conversely hidden seams, it is a much more common detail, and many brands offer covered Richelieu p’tits holes.

Outside these finishes, the line of the shoe itself is very successful, very slender. This is remarkable, given the overflowing soles which is quite impressive.

This success in terms of style, is largely due to the very tight curves of the shoe: the camber of the leather on the sides and on top is very marked.

Moreover, the patina is rather rich in color, which is especially seen in the sun. Among other classic brands, colors often appear very flat, even when the shoe is new.

For me, in terms of style, it is really beautiful shoes. They are very business, but not boring.

Quality dress shoes should be well constructed

The construction of these shoes is a mounting Blake, but the overflowing wide enough (that looks like Goodyear, but is not) adequately protects the leather shocks and thereby ensures a certain strength.

In general, my preference is rather Goodyear constructions, although we found Goodyear Blake or constructions of all quality levels. Here I am very pleasantly surprised to find a Blake Construction quite robust.

The leather insole is a little rougher than on my other pair of shoes, but it causes no discomfort.

I would say that this is a pair of comfortable shoes, but I must warn you: the arch is very pronounced due to a fairly high heel, which may not appeal to everyone .

Leather softens quickly, I was already very comfortable after a shipping day.

Finally, according to the models, Paul Evans shoes are made in Italy or Spain, which are two countries in Europe recognized for their shoes.

Our opinion on Paul Evans shoes

Paul Evans is a young brand that proposes to eliminate the middleman to offer an excellent quality / price ratio. This is possible through online distribution only, for now. Paul Evans and follows the lead of other disruptive brands in North America, such as the brand of jeans Gustin, or Frank and Oak.

The brand started with only 3 Richelieu models, and today expands its range by expanding its range to moccasins, boots, and even introducing a double loop model. (Note: The brand offers, recently, a selection of accessories that I have not tested).

Summary: This is a good choice for a formal shoe style and quality, with a few details that out of the ordinary. As always, when you order products Uncle Sam, remember that you are not immune to a tax on the arrival of your package in France.