How to Choose Men’s Leather Shoes

Casual chic shoe or moccasin: how to have the right look?

The masculine dressing can happen several pairs of quality shoes. The choice of these leather shoes depends very much on everyone’s budget.Since it has already helped you much wear sneakers, here are some new tips to find a shoe to fit and perfect her look.

The casual shoe

Relaxation admits color and rubbed leather. Here, so there are two models, mainly:
-The top shoe rubbed leather, genre Clark, both comfortable, relaxed and timeless;
-Moccasin with barbs or color (at Bobbies , for example). Even leather, this shoe shape never associate with a high-end costume.

The dress shoe

The Richelieu is recognizable thanks to its strict appearance and lacing on the stem itself of the shoe, the shoe class par excellence. It can not be worn with a suit.

The versatile shoe

Some shoes can be either worn with a suit that jeans or chinos. Here are 3 examples:
-The Derby : lacing is made on an added piece of leather that allows a wider opening. If it seems more casual than the Richelieu, it can still be worn with a suit.
-The shoe double loop: an Italian-inspired model and says Italy says elegance and relaxation at once. It is leather, well cut, while remaining flexible and comfortable.
-The leather boots Waxed: simple and effective.

Beware finishes

When choosing a shoe, look finishes: stitching (Goodyear or Norwegian) and lacing are essential because it is a guarantee of longevity or clothing class. According to the budget, it is better to go for quality rather than quantity.

Choose versatile feature allows shoes to save waiting to expand his wardrobe. The best is to have a choice of at least 5 or 6 pairs of shoes.

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