How to Choose Tango Shoes

It is unclear when beginners Argentine tango to choose the right pair of tango shoes adapted to his foot.

Yet it is very important to find “shoe on his foot” in tango and other dances. It is the basis to start tango being uncomfortable and without getting hurt.

There are several criteria to consider before buying tango shoes:

  1. To begin, you should know that generally, there is a size less than his usual size for tango shoes.There are always initially tend to choose oversized shoes because they look more comfortable.However, all brands don’t cut the same. There who beat bigger and others smaller.
  2. Have the natural heel of the foot well placed in the middle of the heel of the shoe to have a good balance. The shoe should be the extension of your leg.

In the first photo below, we see that there is a space between the tip of the heel of the shoe and the natural heel of the foot. The natural heel of the foot is so not well placed in the middle of the heel of the shoe unlike the second picture below.

  1. The curve of the shoe must match the natural curve of the foot in order to have enough sustained foot (as is the case in the photo above).

4 You need to be well maintained to the joint of the toes and the ankle. Because the shoes tend to relax as and as we dance (they will relax more or less depending on the material used, see point 9), it is better than the day of the purchase, the shoe is not too comfortable and is slightly a little tight. Your foot should not slide toward the front of the shoe and the toe shoes open, your toes should not exceed the end of the shoe.

But beware, this is not to say that the metatarsals (front foot) must be stuck in the shoe. There must be sufficient space so that the toes can spread out in the shoe. If you feel that your toes clench or you must force your foot into the shoe, don’t buy them. At the time of the purchase, the shoe should not hurt you.

For example, on the photos below, we see that the front of the foot is too wide compared to the front of the shoe, as does folds above the banner of the shoe.

5 Choose the open at the front of the foot shoes because they provide more comfort for the toes as closed shoes. Toes can spread out in the open shoes.

  1. There is no rule for choosing the height of heels whatever your level to the tango.Some people will feel more comfortable with high heels and others more comfortable with lower heels.The choice is personal, but can also depend on the way we dance the tango. The dancers can dance the tango with a more or less pronounced inclination of the body forward. If one chooses to dance with a strong inclination of the body forward, there is no point in choosing high enough heels to 7.5 to 8 cm in order to place the heel on the ground more quickly in reverse and not constantly be suspended on the metatarsals (front foot).

Introduction to tango, I however advise you start by buying a pair of shoes with heels between 7 and 7.5 cm because at first it’s not easy to get used to wearing high heels to dance.

  1. There are two types of heels for tango shoes: heels open (as in the first 2 pictures of the article) and closed (as in 3 heelsePhoto of the item).We can be very comfortable in both, and the feeling will be different for each type of heel. Personally, I have a preference for the tango with the closed heel shoes because I’m sure that they will offer me a stability of the foot. If you choose Open heels, check clamps are snug to have insurance to be well maintained, without however that they cut the blood circulation.

8 Regarding the insoles, you can choose from leather or suede soles but especially don’t choose shoes with plastic soles because they hang to the ground. The pivots must be easily without having to force on the joints. If this isn’t the case, you get tired knees and ankles because the pivots are very present in the tango.

  1. concerning the choice of the material used for shoes, it will depend on the shape of your foot:

-If you have a wide foot and have trouble finding Shoes adapted to the width of your foot, preferred suede shoes because it is the material that will relax the most to use.

-If you have thin legs, you can afford to buy varnished shoes because the patent is something that relaxes very little. The advantage with the patent is that you will feel always well maintained.

-The intermediate material is leather, it’s a material that relaxes to use but less than suede. It is suitable for most of the dancers.

You to play! I hope that these tips for buying your tango shoes will help you and they will help you find the right pair of tango shoes that suits you.

Marie Baegert

Tango Attitude, being well with itself and with others
Marie Baegert and Samuel Paploray

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