How to Choose the Right Shoes for You

Contrary to what logic would dictate, that is the bottom that women look first in an outfit.

If the above is correct, even very good, but the bottom is totally neglected this will give a sloppy job of printing.

You will be someone who does not really go through things and who just wants to vaguely make a good impression by focusing on what is most visible.

In short, you blow … false.

The importance of choosing beautiful shoes

Efforts worn on the bottom are always more subtle (sound with sharks and back jogging in socks) but are very representative of what should be your vision of masculine style is more subtle, more it succeeded.

Thus, leather shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe, both for a formal setting for a casual context.

Unlike women, we do not seek to collect twenty different pair (except for fans of sneakers) so you need a versatile pair to wear for an interview as for an evening. The perfect pair for this is the derby. Unlike Richelieu, lacing their open, placed on liftable panels, above the shoe.

If we want sustainable, it will have to invest, generally 150 euros. It is a small budget but also savings in time .

This is essential for two reasons; First your own comfort: soles too cheap entail a bad foot support and nothing is more unpleasant that having trouble walking. Then, it is difficult to lie about the value of leather shoes: too pronounced wear pleats will quickly betray you on the quality (and pierce sooner or later).

Who is the preferred footwear?

Regarding color, you can choose between black and dark brown , or you can find more original with dark gray and navy blue . Black is the most difficult color to wear in casual environment, you need to avoid at all costs to do with light jeans.

Specifically, there are two mounts soles dominate (they are both obviously sewn, as opposed to glued)

Blake mounting

It is relatively thin and it is the most fragile of the two. It refines the foot is used for shoes whose ends are somewhat sharp.

The insole is roughly sewn directly to the outsole

If Blake shoes are thinner, they offer less protection from moisture and thus rain and snow. It is also impossible to resole a pair of shoe Blake, since outer soles are sewn directly to the insoles. But that, do not you worry because resole a pair is expensive, and the leather of the stem rarely lasts over time beyond the insole.

Quality Blake fixtures are still rare, except in Berluti shoes. If you want good Blake is in this kind of expensive brands (such as with Santoni or Caulaincourt) you must pick.

Therefore we advise you to turn to the second mounting: Goodyear.

Goodyear mounting

It has an intermediate: welt, a strip of leather that shoemakers put between two more buffs to solidify sewing. Each of these two pieces of leather is stitched welt serving as a link. The Soling is facilitated because it just simply remove the welt.

The shoes made in leather are very good and often Goodyear as the sole hold shorter than leather and will be changed.

They are generally thicker and have a more rounded tip.

This is the specialty of European shoemakers, as, or Markowski (Finsbury is in the same price range, but they often vary the places of manufacture and materials so it’s a little lottery level quality, avoid) .

It is important to at least know if you are taking or Goodyear Blake for fittings: Goodyear shoes have a tendency to relax (yes, we are talking here of shoes and not a raw denim). Caution, however, a leather shoe will gain a little height and width, but never in length.

It is only by not against the case of Blake soles, less complex: they have fewer elements likely to expand as and when the ports Goodyear.

How to choose the right size?

A crucial point not to spend his day to suffer martyrdom.

Standing, if unrolling your whole foot touching the front of the shoe, then it is too small.And if instead you get to move the foot enough to get a finger in the back, so it’s too big.

You will suffer in the first case and will miss holding in the second. But you will anyway uncomfortable.

Check if there are no pressure points at the widest point of your foot, the front foot.

If you can completely fold your toes, there is also a problem: too much material, causing later to excessive pleats.

Recognizing a good leather

A bad leather will smooth the air, too smooth to be true and even superfluous folds will be immediately. Try a shoe store, if the first try-let really creases, then it’s a bad sign.

Also avoid hollow leather (the name and picture speak for themselves): unsightly, they are synonymous with poor quality leather that will age very badly.

You will also have defects in appearance, such as veins: it is unsightly but it does not mean that the leather will be less resistant. Just make sure it is not too apparent.

If plastic leather: enemy number 1 in men’s fashion

The bookbindés leathers for friends; they are the shoes what Mikael Vendetta in auteur cinema.

These are leather covered with a thin layer of plastic, it is therefore impossible to maintain because the creams are not will penetrate. The advantage is that they will look new longer with just a damp cloth shot occasionally.

The downside is that once started will wear, cracks will be very visible and impossible to remove. To avoid.