How to Choose the Size of Shoes

Measurements to know to choose shoes / boots

If you want to buy shoes without trying them (something that happens), it is good to have your measurements on hand to make sure you make the right choice. Once you know them, err becomes almost impossible.

But first … the question that everyone arises: “What is the relationship between shoe size and the size of my foot? They would not have used that rather bizarre cm sizes!”

Ah … I understand you!

In fact, the metric system did not exist when the boot makers began to make shoes. They used the “point of Paris”, which is equivalent to 0,666cm …  This way of measuring has spread throughout Europe, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Italy, using their own measure.

And that has not changed! But do not worry, I’ll show you how to work around this so that you can order shoes without trying them, regardless of the measure used.

At your measuring tapes!

Foot length

This is measure your foot to the end of your heel to the end of your largest toe.

If you are alone, measure your foot can be complex (and ask a friend to measure your foot can be a little weird …).

There is a solution: m unite a piece of paper and put your foot on it. Make a pencil mark the two measurement points.

Measure the distance between the two … and VOILÀ!

Now that you have this measure will see the table of equivalence!

The tables and equivalences (FR / UK / US / IT): choose your size according to its measures

Using this table, you can now know what size shoes choose, regardless of the measure used (if not stated on the website, please send an email).

Example: If your foot is 28cm long, you need a 43.5 GB in a 9.5 in the UK, a 9.5 in US and 42.5 in IT.

Now you know all about the equivalence of shoe sizes! But what if you have the opportunity to try the pair before buying it?

The details that you show that shoes are the right size (and other tips)

When trying on shoes in shop, pay attention to the following points to be sure that you go like a glove.

  • 1-For width: your foot should be maintained, but not crushed (leather shoes will relax).
  • 2-For length: your toes should not touch the tip of the shoe (or barely).
  • 3-last detail. You flashed on shoes but they exist only in half-size / one size above your own? No problem: It is better to have too much than too little shoe, since small techniques-such asthe use of an anti-slide-can save you almost a size. (Warning, do not it is far too big!)