How to Choose Your Bridal Shoes

The wedding dress is the most important to be canon on his wedding day room but is not a reason to ignore the bride shoes. A bad choice of shoes could ruin the happiest day of your life. For your feet, think comfort and beauty by following our advice to right you in your choice of wedding shoes.

Choose Comfortable Bridal Shoes

Find comfortable wedding shoes does not slip on the Ugg or the Birkenstockfeet. Many shoes to wedding combine comfort and beauty… Everything is find them and match them to your wedding dress.

Don’t forget that you will be standing a good part of the day… The festivities start with the ceremony, then continues with the wine of honor where you greet your guests, to Auntie Huguette to cousin thing. Then, place at the party where you could dance all night. Sore feet would be a terrible scenario for your wedding day. When fitting, if you aren’t comfortable, do not insist and go straight for another pair of bride shoes. Choose the very soft materials like velvet and smooth leather which are more comfortable. Start wearing your shoes at least two weeks before the day J for them to relax and soften the leather.

Shoes: Do Not Attempt The Devil

Do not choose the day of your wedding to infidelities with your habits. If you never wear heels, do not make the warrior with heels of 12 cm in height for the big day… Walk with high heels cannot be improvised. Even if it is a sign of elegance, this is not always the right solution.

Follower of derbies on a daily basis, find nice shoes, with a reasonable stub(not more than 6 cm!) … And if really you are allergic to the height, opt for flats. Color shoes have more coast at the brides, who no longer hesitate to shake up traditions. It is better to have sublime flat shoes rather than a pair of shoes that will make you look like a dying crab.

Otherwise, shoes with platform shoes can be a good compromise, so they bring comfort and stability. The platforms are ideal if you are small or if your lover is very large. Harmony will be guaranteed for the wedding photos. Wide heels (don’t be afraid, there are beautiful models!) also offer more stability than stilettos. So many avenues to explore for perfect wedding shoes! One last tip is to entrust to your witness a rescue kit, SOS feet in distress, to address any potential risk. Your toes can play you a dirty trick the big day in not supporting the shoes. Bandages for blisters and even shoes for dancing can be great ideas!