How to Combine Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes aren’t the main part in the closet of each man to fashion? Well, if there is a season where the oxford are the rage, is in autumn. If you want to highlight as the icon of style among your colleagues, read on to learn the best way to use your luxurious oxford this fall.

How to Combine Oxford Shoes

1 choose the design

The key to look elegant with oxfords is to choose a design which is an important part to decide on the occasion where you can wear these shoes. For example, the oxford semi are perhaps the most versatile shoes that you can add to your closet. You can use them with pants and full costumes as well as jeans. You can get the oxford of a room for parties in the evening and game nights. The classic wing-tipped that simply will make your collection of denim look more elegant. You can use the oxford with long wing when you put a period costume.

2 Match them with pants

The resistant oxford are timeless, and with the passage of time, have become a characteristic accessory for casual and formal outfits. Oxford shoes combine very well with pants Chinese type and denim. Combine your oxford with a shirt for a casual look or enhances the appearance with a coat color camel. The cardigans and jeans with oxfords definitely will help you to carry the style successfully. Dark blue suits and the oxford of skin will make you see like a superstar on the red carpet at the formal meetings of this fall.

3 remember to use a belt

It uses a belt that match your outfit to have a consistent with your oxford style. Combine the color of accessories with leather shoes or suede are the main guidelines that you must follow to look spectacular at any time.
If you pay attention to the design of your leather shoes could help you much to decide to use the oxford in formal occasions or casual parties. Ideally, the more designs have your oxford, are less formal.

We hope that this blog has helped you to make smart decisions when you are using your oxford!