How to Expand Shoes

I am sure that like me you have already known this situation: l t the first fitting you find a little tight.

You then thought, rightly, that the leather would work and everything would go back in order after a few ports.

Yet, after hours of suffering-and several light bulbs-nothing is done: you can’t wear them.

As it is too late to make them and you think that there is no solution you put back them in their box, direction the bottom of the closet…

But wait!

Let me explain how to expand shoes!

Parenthesis general culture : to use a technical term is called layout form of shoes (or forcing)

To be precise we’ll focus here on the shoes that are:

  • too narrow,.
  • that exert excessive pressure at the level of the instep or toes.

Formatting allows also to insist on a place especially if for example you have corns, calluses, onions or a bunions that are not provided by the forms up used for the manufacturing of shoes .

If your shoes are too small in length in this case I can’t help you.
Besides one who pretends otherwise tells you anything!

At the same time if you read my article explaining How to know his shoe size, you shouldn’t have a problem of length.
Note: to be able to move a little bit the big toe is the easiest way to know if a shoe has the right length.

So if your shoes are too short, unfortunately there is nothing to do.
This isn’t like a leather belt where you just have to change hole.

In contrast to the width that is another story.
There are several solutions that are more or less recommended.

Of course before using one of the techniques described below you took the time to wear your shoes.

I explained in my article shoes and comfort : it needs time to leather (of the sole, the stem and the lining), the foothills and the hard end to the pad in Cork to take the shape of your feet.

So to enlarge your shoes my first Board and the simplest is:

Wear your shoes!

On the other hand, if after several weeks you still have a problem then read the tips below.

Enlarge Shoes: What Not To Do

Grandmother’s recipes

As for maintenance there are the “recipes of grandmother” for larger shoes.
Personally, even if they make me smile, I do not recommend these techniques.

For example, some will tell you that it is possible tomaintain your shoes with a banana skin others will tell you if your shoes hurt you can:

  • put a potato peeled inside;
  • put a bag filled with water inside your shoes and put everything in your freezer.

You have to admit that these ‘recipes’ are fun.

What about me I still struggle to put shoes that were expensive, overnight in the freezer.

Not you?

Use a form to force alone

Note: If you’re interested we wrote a the shoe guide who answered all possible questions.

You’re going to insert it into the shoe and playing on the wheel you will dismiss the two parties who will do work with leather in width.

In general the form to force comes with small plastic pieces that you can set to insist on a specific area of the leather you want to enlarge.

You should NEVER use a form to force alone. 

“No I don’t mean to be supervised by an adult.”

There is a big risk to cause tears in the leather and damage the hard tip and / or the foothills.

Need to associate it with the right product. In this case the form to force will meet your expectations!

Attention: I insist, but do not confuse a form to force with a shoe. We have written a guide of the shoe that will allow you to do the difference if necessary.

Enlarge Shoes: Form To Force + Fabric Softener

So you’ve worn your shoes regularly and they still hurt you.
Note: you can also use this technique on new shoes, but should never be too hurry so to avoid. Wear them and see if the pain would eventually pass.

Before start you what follows you took the trouble to maintain.

Don’t forget: poorly maintained leather is a leather dry and therefore breaking.

Take the trouble to cream it well moisturize and soften before you do the following.

Once your shoes are ready, the form to force enters!

BUT, even once, do not use ONLY

This device will come to work the fiber leathers. Quite violently all even.

So it’s better to avoid tearing these fibers. We’ll prepare them and that’s the difference.

The use of a softener for leather will allow you to get the desired results on the width of your shoes without risking to destroy them.

Fabric softener is the Shoe-Eze from Sapphire .

Of course you will find in other brands. But it’s one I use and with which I have never had any problems so I won’t talk about the other.

That is why we the offer on our e-shop .

Well, enough talk, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Here is how to proceed with the form to force:

  • Moisturize the leather of your shoes with ice cream as explained in our guide to care for leather shoes .
  • Then take your fabric softener (easier to use) spray and spray the outside and the inside of your shoe.
    Note: If your shoes are leather bookbinde, varnish or corrected flower spray outside will not help because the product will not penetrate into the fibers of leather.
    In this case you just spray the inside.
    Don’t spray the shoe: put product, rudely is not a work of craftsmanship, where hurt you.
  • Put the form in force in place and start to turn the mechanism to rule out parts of the form and do work with leather.
    Go little by little because if you apply too much forced into the leather of a sudden, you may tear.
  • Put a little bit of fabric softener and let the form in force in place.
  • You can renew the two last operations several times to get desired enlargement.

Enlarge Shoes Without Forcing

If the gene that you feel is light then it is possible that you will need to use a form to force.

You are going to use something much simpler and more suitable:

Your feet!

“WOW Thanks for your advice! It was well worth reading the article so far! »

No wait, you’ll see it’s interesting.

In fact you will follow exactly the same procedure except that you replace the form in force by your feet.

This is the best way to adapt leather perfectly to their form.

Normally in a few minutes it is possible to get a very good result.

If the pain persists I advise you to repeat the operation on 2, 3 or 4 days to relax the leather where hurt you.

Take the time to do it. If we talk about shoes that you want to keep for a long time, a few days represent nothing.

In addition, if you put them once and they make you a lot of dog you want never put back them. Isn’t that right?

So in the evening, take a few minutes at home and use a fabric softener for leather, and you will see that you will not regret!

More than the form in force is a last resort, the solution that uses your feet is the best!

The shape force will expand the shoe while there is a smarter way in enlargement only the part that hurts you.

Are your feet doing the work. Your shoes will be so perfectly cast to them.

With a form to force there is the risk of too extend a part that should and you end up with too wide shoes.

I Don’t Want To Enlarge My Shoes Alone

You’re afraid of making a mistake in trying to expand your shoes you even?

So feel free to bring them to your cobbler who can achieve the formatting.

It’s a fairly quick and inexpensive operation (count ten euros according to the Cobblers).

If you don’t know where to find a cobbler I refer you to our guide to the best Cobblers of France.

You have already purchased shoes too tight and you used a different technique to make your feet? Feel free to share it in the comments.