How to Match Bags with Shoes

For a long time, the rule for combining bag with shoes was very simple. The shoes should be of the same colour, and this was the only way to combine and be divine and in addition, this way of seeing much easier shopping, thus there was no way to miss the match.

But this is no longer the idea that more dominant, so in our site, tell you how to combine bags with shoes to stay in fashion.


The key to match the bag with the shoes is to combine but not that they are the same, and besides, both must have a certain similarity of color with the clothes you wear. But this similarity should be very basic. For example, some black shoes with white polka dots, can be great with a white handbag with black detail. A blue bag will be great with blue shades shoes: celeste, navy blue or similar. If you use a bag with animal print pattern, the best choice of footwear will be black or brown color. As we see, the similarity is there, but are not identical. It is looking for the contrast.

The textures to match shoes and handbags. Can be very interesting to be dressed in blue and wearing shoes and use a bag with jeans texture. Be feminine and original at the same time.

If you use a big purse, shoes should be discreet. This is a basic rule of style, not to use excessive and look to highlight the details on your fair measure. If you use a large bag, combine with dark heels and sober.

If you use lower boots or ankle boots, use a big purse. Use, for example, a big bag of animal print with ankle boots and denim skirt is an ideal look for day to day to be simple, feminine, but fashionable.

If you use a purse or wallet in hand, can match it with spectacular platforms. Combine a stylish wallet black with golden detail with some impressive black peep toes with some touch gold tone.

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