How to Match Purses and Shoes?

How to match purses and shoes?- Always that doubt after the look is ready: combining purses and shoes? The colors should be the same or it is possible to make contrasts? The purse model influences in the footwear? Calm down! In the post today, Let’s clarify all these doubts, helping to create a harmonious look, modern and stylish. Check out!

Trend in the male universe

Let the purse aside. The fashion now is to use purses as composition of looks. In addition, they are functional and give a sophisticated touch to the visual.

How to Match Purses and Shoes

Nowadays, you can find several models of men’s purses in Bridgat, and it may even confuse in choosing. It is worth noting that for every style and occasion, there is a perfect purse for your wait. So, read our tips to choose the perfect model.

Men’s handbags – functionality and good taste

Many men who cherish by casual and modern style are dispensing backpack and are adhering to male purses. The purse, because it stripped, gives the visual style more “dropped”. She can (and should!) be used in more informal occasions, as in travel and fast rides.

Day by day, the men’s bags add to visual touches of elegance and sophistication, as well as serve also as functional accessory, keeping major belongings.

Today, we highlight the leather pouch. The material is versatile and combines with various looks. The models jeans or cotton are also welcome in casual and modern compositions.

Learn how to match purses and shoes

In the past, especially in the male universe, there was a rule that said the purse should match your belt and with the man’s shoe. This gave the look a pretty formal and traditional touch.

Nowadays, thanks to the versatility of styles and fashion democracy, this rule no longer exists.
Of course you can choose the purse of the same color and material as the shoe, but know that there are numerous options that can leave your look much more beautiful and modern.

The intention is to create contrasts to make the visual balance. In other words, let go of the monochrome look and bet on color mixing.

Compositions with purses and shoes

For the casual look, for example, the leather bags look great when combined with the shoe moccasin model. If you prefer vibrant colors, invest in more sober exchanges, such as black or gray. If you prefer a more discreet model, as the Drive Brown, bet on exchanges with more vibrant colors or with wealth of details-pockets, zippers, etc.

The formal style can make modern touches with the colored man purse-beige, sand, brown – harmonizing with the shoe more sober, as this model social black shoe.

Combine handbags and shoes is not difficult. Simply choose the template that matches the style of each visual.

No more doubts in time to get dressed.