How to Match Your Shoes with Clothes

Learn how to combine the shoe with the clothes
Every woman vain and connected in sets should know that for every look there is always a model of appropriate footwear. Combine the shoe with the outfit is a very common and we can say that it is necessary, because nothing uglier than a production that has nothing to do one thing with another. So, if you want to combine the shoe and clothes, but don’t know how to do this, here are some foolproof tips:

To begin with, the best thing is to think about which models of shoes do you have and what you would like to combine them, of course, always thinking with which parts they really match. Look at your shoe models and evaluate the style of each, then look at your clothes and think about how to combine them by following some basic into.
For example, let’s start talking about a type of footwear that every woman has in your closet, are the shoes. The shoes are fundamental to the Basic looks, therefore, it is important that you always have at least a basic version, as a black or beige, to combine with a variety of looks, from jeans and a t-shirt, even dresses shot in printed fabric.
Then we have another type of footwear that is also very common, a pointy black pumps. This shoe is a classic, so serves for many occasions. It can be used since the work to a party. Day to day, it can be the perfect pair of jeans and shirts more tidy, while at night it falls perfectly in a combination of leggings and leather and more bold blouse.
These days have been used very shoe models made in leather or patterned fabric. These models are perfect for giving a raised in those most basic looks and discreet. To set the combination, a leopard print pumps, for example, should be used mainly with parts in plain colors, and not to make a mistake ever, in basic colors. Black pants and a white blouse is the perfect combination, but you can also change it for a skirt and blazer, a dress, among other options.
The ideal is to maintain this balance between the clothes and footwear, giving more prominence to one or the other. Except in some cases you can exaggerate a little, as in productions for use at night, where you can invest in a heavier sandal paired with a blouse with embroidery or transparencies, for example.
Watch the video below how to combine parts and accessories!