How to Reduce Foot Length

Everyone has an aunt Berthe I think, you know, one that has big feet. Me, it’s my mother-in-law, who shoes the 43. Not easy to find, excuse the expression, shoe on his foot!

Bertha and her big feet…

For the record, Berthe was the mother of Charlemagne, and it would have been dubbed the great walk (singular!) because she had a club foot…

Let’s go back to my mother-in-law (little thought for you < 3)…
Lyon has a sign that she often attended the Palace of the shoe (1). But the models are often quite conventional.
Today I’m talking about a sign on the internet, the name will make you smile: Cendriyon, who sells any size large women’s shoes.

.. .Think Finally shoe on his foot!

Cendriyon, is an online store that started selling shoes, which today is also the accessory and clothing.

The advantage of the site? very reasonable price (about €25 off balances) for shoes ‘trend’. Actually in shoe fashion for the Bell to the big feet!

Terms of ergonomics, I think you will enjoy its filter very effective multi-criteria : material, theme, heel, design, price, etc. are adjustable for the perfect shoe in a shot of heel!

The espadrille? The mule? The jewel of this summer tong? You can find up to size 44.

How to choose shoes when you have big feet?

My favorite: tropical printed heel mules that already make me think about the holidays!

At this price, you can take several pairs, and change regularly!

How to reduce the length of a foot?

I can assure you, we’re not in Cinderella, you aren’t Javotte, so there is no piece of cut foot (cf. the tale by Charles Perrault).

Here are some tips to find shoe at your foot… without too much focus on your large size.

Top 5 tips for the sad of the big foot:

Society tends to point the finger the female feet a little too ‘big ‘? And well do not give satisfaction.

Tip #1: bet on shoes of the same color as your pants (or very close). This lets the look reeeeeemonter to the top of the leg and the torso, and you lie down at the same time.

Tip #2: avoid the attention of the eye that looks on the shoes, by choosing simple shoes, that reveal too much skin (the skin catches the eye, Yes Yes! Socks worn below the Sandals too!).

Tip #3: we bet on models rather built flanges, avoid flip flops or mono-bride patterns that make it seem the foot wider and longer, for the benefit of shoes to majority flanges and shaft. Take for example a sandal, to prefer a mule without heel, which will visually lengthen the foot.

Tip #4: we choose shoes that are not too sharp, and whose graphics do not attract attention to the foot. The black contrasted way Chanel is a good idea with pants, but with a dress, he too will attract the eye and will therefore cause a Visual flattening of the silhouette rather unfortunate.

Tip #5: To avoid burdening your silhouette, Choose light patterns, avoid them offset too thick or without work of refining the heel. A small heel is always appreciated, but is not giving you as much allure.

And learn to walk in heels! Courses popping up all!

Look, two ideas:

The inescapable sneakers (even I succumbed, as you can see on Instagram!) worn with a casual City: comfort skinny jean (my favorites come from H & M!), small jacket mesh on top openwork lace, color leather bag.

More Beach, the second look, with running shoes – shoe coming out of closets since two three summers – worn with shorts, a swimsuit, for example Freya, and a printed tank top. For the girly touch, bet on a large basket Wicker, and the bangles, you know those big bracelets wooden or resin, which collide with “Bang”…

Note, Cendriyon offers a looks contest, then you can play!